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3 Flood Safety Tips

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Sandbags Outside Front Door Of Flooded House A flooded house in Fort Collins, CO

Consider These Three Tips When Making Your Plan

Because flooding is one of the leading causes of injury and death during natural disasters, it is important to familiarize yourself with flood safety. These three safety tips will help you stay safe during a flood.

1. Know the Difference Between a Watch and a Warning
A flood or flash flood watch means that conditions are favorable for potential flooding in the watch area, but flooding is not yet occurring. Whenever there is a watch, you should be alert for the potential for danger and be prepared to enact your flood plan, but the danger is not imminent. A flood or flash flood warning means that flooding is either already occurring or is about to occur. If you are in a flood-prone area, you should seek higher ground immediately.

2. Know Your Flood Risk
The flood safety steps you should take before a flood situation depends on how high your risk of flooding is. Review the Federal Emergency Management Agency's flood maps to determine whether your home is located in a high-risk flood area. You should also make note of any creeks, streams, or rivers near your home that may flood during heavy rain. If you are in a low-risk area, you may just need to remain alert and pay attention to warnings. For higher risk areas, you may need to be prepared to evacuate, place sandbags or take other measures to protect your property.

3. Follow Evacuation Orders
If authorities in Fort Collins, CO, have ordered an evacuation due to dangerous flooding conditions, you should follow the orders given. You can contact a water remediation company to help you restore your home after you have been given the OK to return.
Rising waters and heavy rains can rapidly create dangerous conditions. Having a flood safety plan is important for navigating a flood situation safely. 

Alternatives to the Sand Bag

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

Sandbags protecting a neighborhood A temporary levee can be put together very quickly

Alternatives to the Sand Bag

One of the most common responses to concerns about storm-related flooding is a rush to create sand bag walls. However, there are alternatives to using these sometimes bulky and time-consuming barriers:

  • Water-filled tubes and barriers
  • Temporary sand levees
  • Absorbent fabric dams

One of these creative solutions could help you avoid flood damage during the next storm season.

Water-Filled Tubes and Barriers
One company has taken the sand bag, reworked it, and filled it with water instead of sand. This significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare for a heavy storm. The bags are also reusable, so they're easy to store in a shed on your property. A single tube replaces several bags of sands.
Another company offers a similar barrier on a much larger scale made of marine grade laminate, stainless steel, and PVC canvas reinforced with aluminum.

Temporary Sand Levees
If you have a good work crew and some heavy machinery, a temporary levee can be put together very quickly. This option still relies on sand, but uses equipment that speeds up the process, so more work is done within a shorter period of time. A speedy response may be one of the most important factors in avoiding flood damage.

Absorbent Fabric Dams
These solutions are often available at local hardware shops. Create quick flood dams by placing absorbent fabric in the path of the flood. As the barrier absorbs water, it expands and swells to create a 3.5-inch tall barrier. The fabric can be stacked for a higher dam. Another advantage to using this product is that the fabric shrinks as moisture evaporates, so it is a solution that can be left in place and reused.
Even with preventative steps, you may require the services of a Fort Collins, CO, flood damage cleanup and repair company. However, with these quick alternatives to a sand bag wall, you could significantly reduce the amount of damage to your property.

5 Flood Preparation Safety Tips

10/23/2020 (Permalink)

Hand writing an Emergency Evacuation Plan on clipboard beside Exit Door Create an emergency response plan for your household

Flood Safety Tips In Case Of An Emergency

Dangerous floodwaters can sweep through your property at any time, especially if a severe storm is on the horizon. Taking flood safety protocol seriously is vital when it comes to protecting yourself, your family and your property. Utilize the following safety tips if your home in Fort Collins, CO, is in danger of falling victim to hazardous floodwaters.

1. Create an Emergency Response Plan for Your Household.
Everyone in the household needs to be prepared to face a flood. Make sure each member knows what to do, where to go and how to properly react in the case of an emergency. Make time to regularly discuss and practice your emergency response plan.

2. Build an Emergency Supply Kit.
Severe floods can sometimes leave people stranded for long periods of time. It's important to make sure that you have the necessary supplies on hand, should this happen to you. Suggested items to pack include, but are not limited to, a flashlight, extra batteries, bandages, gauze, tape and a battery powered radio.

3. Listen and Obey to Emergency Response Teams.
First responders and other local authorities exist to protect you. Ignoring or disobeying them can put a lot of people in serious danger.

4. Waterproof and Relocate Valuable Possessions.
Any important personal items that aren't waterproof, such as electronic devices and important documents, should be sealed in waterproof containers and placed on high shelves that are at least one foot above the projected flood level.

5. Never Enter Flood Water.
This is the golden rule of flood safety. It only takes 6 inches of moving water to knock you off your feet and one foot to sweep your car downstream. Standing floodwater isn't much safer, as it could potentially contain dangerous biohazards or an electrical charge.
It is vital that you take flood safety seriously in the case of an emergency. Doing so can help keep you, your household and your property safe. Contact flood remediation experts if your home has experienced any type of water damage following a flood or severe storm.

How To Remove Odors From Flood and Storm Damage

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Mold growth and odor after flooded waters entered in building

Flooding can have a major impact on your business in Fort Collins, CO, especially when it leaves a foul odor behind from mold growth due to flood water. Combined with any sewage loss, the resulting stench may seem impossible to eliminate. However, if you take immediate action after the water clears, you can mitigate and remove the damage quickly, leaving your business smelling fresh and clean.

How Do You Remove the Odors?

There are five things to keep in mind during odor removal:

  • Act fast. Waiting too long will only intensify the damage and the smell.
  • Remove any standing water. Storm cleanup professionals have industrial strength equipment to remove water from buildings and dry out wet or damp surfaces.
  • Keep, repair, or replace. You will need to assess which items can be salvaged from the storm. Unfortunately, some items may be too damaged to keep or fix and will need to be discarded. Virtually any item subjected to mold growth should be destroyed.
  • Clean, disinfect, and deodorize. Destroying mold and killing odor-causing bacteria will help remove odors and keep additional smells from developing.
  • Don't hesitate to call in the pros. Commercial storm and flood cleanup services can help you recover quickly. These professionals are expertly trained and typically work off-hours, so they're available if a storm hits in the middle of the night. This allows you to get a head start on returning to business as usual.

Why Do Odors Form After Flooding in the First Place?
After a flood, water seeps into porous and fibrous materials, such as carpet and upholstered furniture, turning those materials into breeding grounds for bacteria. The condition worsens if the surfaces are not meticulously cleaned and thoroughly dried. In addition, the mold growth from excess moisture releases foul-smelling gasses into the air.
The prospect of restoring your business after floodwater hits can be daunting. By acting fast and consulting with a professional for help, however, you can get back on your feet in no time.

4 Tips To Prepare Your Business for Storm Floods

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Violent storms are bad enough in Fort Collins, CO, but the floods that may come afterward are potentially more destructive. Flood water is a powerful force, and it can wipe out your business in a matter of minutes.

Here are four tips to help you prepare for, and possibly lessen flood damage.

1. Check your flood insurance policy for sufficient coverage.

Consider any changes in your business since your last review and update the policy accordingly. Inventory the contents of your workspaces, as well as the building’s interior and exterior. Take photos or videos of equipment, supplies, and stock, as proof of ownership.

2. Create a plan in advance.

Outline what should be done in case of a storm emergency like flooding. Cover such topics as evacuation procedures, sheltering in place, and team-task assignments. Be sure to train all staff on these procedures. A pre-storm drill will help ensure your plan runs more smoothly should the need for it arise.

3. Prepare your work site.

Protect your surroundings from flood water by removing dead branches and trees and securing or storing lawn decorations, including benches and flagpoles. Store any toxic products or irreplaceable items well above the base flood elevation, as a flooded building can rearrange the objects inside.

4. Ensure your business’s continuity.

Secure the minimum requirements needed to be up and running as soon as possible. Back up all computer data and establish a waterproof location for any important hard-copy files. Should your business be affected by floodwater, hire a storm remediation company to mitigate the storm damage and provide flood cleanup. A quick restoration will get your business back to business in no time. Storm cleanup can be costly in Fort Collins, CO. You can lessen the impact of water damage on your business with some basic readiness steps. It’s best to be prepared because ready or not, storms will come.

FEMA Disaster Assistance

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

FEMA is The Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA can help individuals recover after they have been impacted by a major natural disaster

FEMA can help individuals recover after they have been impacted by a major natural disaster. If you live in an area that has been declared a disaster zone and have expenses not covered by your insurance, then you may be able to apply for and receive Disaster Assistance. There is a limited time to apply after a storm hits, so you need to know how this program works ahead of time and what it provides.

Immediate Assistance

The Disaster Assistance program does not provide immediate relief, although there are some ways that the government can help you. For instance, FEMA can assist you in finding:

  • Medical assistance
  • Temporary shelter
  • Trusted relief partners

Primary Residence
If you have lost your home in Fort Collins, CO, due to a presidentially declared disaster, FEMA can help you. Whether you are a renter or homeowner, the Disaster Assistance program can help cover any damage that your insurance company did not pay for. This includes structural damage, essential household items, vehicles, and storm cleanup services. However, this only applies to your primary residence. This program will not pay for any damage caused to your secondary residence.

Assistance Process
After you apply for assistance, the evaluation process will begin, starting with an onsite home inspection. After you report your damage, you will promptly be contacted to schedule your inspection. This visit will simply check for flood, wind, or other types of damage. If your damaged property was insured, you will need to submit a copy of your insurance settlement or denial before you can schedule your home inspection. After your inspection, the agency will decide if you need relief. If you qualify for assistance, you will receive a check or a direct deposit and a letter explaining how you are to use the money.
Dealing with flooding and other damages from a storm can be a stressful time. Fortunately, the Disaster Assistance program can provide immediate services and financial relief for your primary residence.

Why Quick Flood Water Removal is Necessary for Homes in Fort Collins

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

What Happens Without Fast Flood Water Removal in Fort Collins?

You should always prioritize finding a fast flood water removal service like SERVPRO to help after flood damage your home. Without immediate attention from professional damage mitigation technicians, costly consequences and complications can start to arise in your home. We respond Faster to Any Size Disaster to make sure that all of our customers receive the most high quality and cost-effective damage mitigation and restoration service possible. Without our 24/7 readiness and ability to get people on the job site within four hours of an initial call, we would have to contend with these problems much more often.

Structural Damage

Without immediate flood water removal, homes in Fort Collins can sometimes see significant structural damage occur to the foundations and building materials of their home. Water naturally degrades most construction materials with long-term exposure, but in the colder months of the year, a much stronger threat may damage your home. As temperatures drop overnight and water starts to freeze, any moisture soaked into the microscopic cracks and crevices of your home can begin to expand, potentially causing significant permanent damage.

Mold Growth

Mold and other fungi can start to proliferate after a flood hits your home. Removing flood waters and any excess moisture from your home cuts off any potential infestations before they can even begin to grow and spread. SERVPRO technicians are also trained to identify and take care of fungal growth early in a colony's life cycle, thereby preventing most potential damages.

Spreading Moisture

The longer flood water remains in your home without professional removal work, the more likely it is that moisture spreads to nearby rooms and areas in the building. We can help to combat these effects by implementing rapid and thorough drying processes and monitoring nearby areas with digital moisture detection tools that help us determine when a problem may be likely to form.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help you to recover faster and easier from the effects of flood damage in your home. Call us 24/7 at (970) 493-6335.

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Our Fast Response Can Restore Your Fort Collins Commercial Property To Pre-Damage Condition After A Storm

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage In Fort Collins Requires Fast Action To Minimize Loss

When you have commercial fire damage in a retail store, the key to lessening the loss is to get professional help for the cleanup as soon as possible after the event. We understand that when your business cannot be open, it causes hardship and our staff works as quickly as possible to get your business back on track.

Commercial fire damage in a Fort Collins retail store often has multiple layers for our technicians to address. First, there is the fire damage, then residue from a fire extinguisher, and finally odor left behind. When a fire is limited to a single area, our technicians quickly contain it upon arrival to stop cross-contamination and the spread of foul odors.

Charred building materials and unrestorable contents are removed. They bring nothing but odors. SERVPRO technicians then carefully remove the fire extinguisher residue with handheld vacuums with HEPA filtration attached. This is a fine powdery substance that can spread odors if it is not picked up quickly.

Our technicians hand clean all surfaces and non-porous contents with our EPA-registered solutions to remove all traces of soot, smoke residue and eliminate odors. Often this is enough to neutralize odors left behind by a fire. Smoke can penetrate porous objects deeply and sometimes more robust odor elimination methods are necessary. We are certified in odor control, and sometimes applications of one or more techniques are required to neutralize lingering odors left behind by a fire entirely.

One go-to method for neutralizing deeply rooted fire odors is thermal fogging. It uses a solvent that is heated and delivered as a fog. It behaves much like smoke and is very useful for the elimination of odors that have penetrated upholstery, window treatments or carpeting. Our goal is to get your store reopened as quickly as possible, looking like new with no reminders of the fire.

If commercial fire damage has happened to your property, contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 immediately. Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 to mitigate your fire loss and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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Choosing Storm Shutters for Your Home

5/5/2020 (Permalink)

Colonial storm shutters You can choose from accordion, Bahama, Colonial, or rolling shutters

Choosing Storm Shutters for Your Home

When it comes to protecting your Fort Collins, CO, home from high winds, there are many things to consider. If you want to add storm shutters to your home, it can be overwhelming to review the numerous types. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for protecting your home, learning the basics can help you choose wisely. Here are some of the options you may consider:

  • Accordion
  • Bahama
  • Colonial
  • Fabric
  • Plywood
  • Rolling

Permanent Fixtures
If you live in an area with frequent storms and severe weather, you may consider adding permanent storm shutters to your home. Permanent mounts add protection and aesthetic flair to your home. You can choose from accordion, Bahama, Colonial, or rolling shutters, all of which provide both storm protection and an element of design. Prices and styles vary within each category. Manually-operated accordion-style options generally cost $15-$25 per square foot of window area, while rolling shutters, generally made of high-quality metal or polycarbonate, will cost approximately $20-$30 per square foot of window area. Bahama-style awnings protect your home against the sun and high winds alike and are sold in standard window sizes for $15-$20 per square foot. Colonial-style varieties offer the most diversity as they come in numerous materials and are sold in sets for $200-$500 per window.

Temporary Fixtures
Though temporary fixtures may be less visually appealing, they are equally functional for storm protection. Fabric storm panels, made of PVC or mesh, are a budget-friendly choice that generally costs $75-$300 depending on the size of your windows. A sturdier and more protective option is plywood. Though less pleasing to look at, plywood costs only $1 per square foot and is an effective temporary way to protect your home from intense storms.
Preparation is important when you're facing hurricanes and high winds. When the storm passes, know who to call for help with clean up and restoration to get your home back to a clean and safe state.

Defray Expenses With Tax Deductions

5/1/2020 (Permalink)

Tax It is important to talk with a tax professional

A major storm can hit your business in Fort Collins, CO, in many ways. First, there is the storm damage, which could include everything from flooding to a destroyed roof to a collapsed building. Then there are the expenses, which can seem to come as fast and hard as the actual storm. Your first area of recourse is your commercial insurance policy, but this could still leave you with sizable costs. If the event is considered a flood, and if you have flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, you could qualify for up to $1 million in payments. Pursuing every possibility includes working with a reputable storm mitigation company that can help you reduce expenses and speed up your recovery. You can also look for help from the government in the form of tax deductions.

The Tax Angle

A write off on your expenses for storm damage could save you a significant amount of money. It is important to talk with a tax professional, but in most cases, a tax-deductible expense must meet the following criteria:

  • It cannot be an expense reimbursed by insurance
  • It cannot be an expense covered by insurance but not applied for
    it must apply to storm damage

A federally declared emergency can also free up additional funds that go to small businesses. This assistance could be in the form of low-interest loans and favorable terms and fees. It is important to look at every option.

The Recovery Process
The goal after extensive storm damage is to recover as fast as possible. The quicker you are back in business again, the faster your company can get running on all cylinders. An experienced remediation company can secure your building against additional damage, remove standing water from the property, and recommend safety measures for the building. Having a trusted and knowledgeable source at hand provides additional help during a difficult time.

Our Professionals Explain The Dangers Of Flash Flooding In Your Fort Collins Home

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call anytime that you need us at (970) 493-6335.

The Risks Of Flash Flooding In Fort Collins

Natural disasters can often have the greatest toll on the structural integrity and the stability of Fort Collins properties. With the rainy seasons settling in with warmer weather, many areas throughout Colorado become susceptible to devastating situations like flash floods. Even with the warning systems in place to inform residents of the risks of these disasters, many do not fully appreciate the power and devastation possible until it is on their doorstep. This high volume of traveling water can quickly penetrate even well-constructed homes to permit widespread saturation and standing water in the property.

Whether you call it flash flooding or you experience flash flood damage in Fort Collins homes, property owners have a finite amount of time to reach out to qualified professionals before some of the saturation and exposed construction materials become permanently damaged. Our SERVPRO professionals have a fast and effective response to storm and flood emergencies, bringing our full measure of recovery equipment including temporary power solutions and mitigation equipment that can quickly address much of these detrimental effects like standing water, moisture, odors, and potential contamination.

Many homeowners affected by flash flooding do not even fully realize how dangerous of a situation could potentially exist. Not only has structural elements within the property become affected by this present standing water, but there are legitimate risks for bacteria, contaminants, and other chemical exposure the floodwater can collect in route to your address. Overcoming these harmful threats often requires advanced cleaning agents and products, but also a team of biohazard cleaning technicians. We have highly-trained SERVPRO cleaners certified through both the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.)

Flash flooding is a scenario that can quickly get out of control for many homeowners throughout our region under the right circumstances. Trust in the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Fort Collins team to address these effects and make flooding “Like it never even happened.” for your residence. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (970) 493-6335.

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Fort Collins Storm Damage, the SERVPRO Approach, a Clean and Restored Home--WOW!

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Floodwater Removal after Storms in Fort Collins

Flood Removal Includes Cleaning Up and Drying Out Crawlspaces in Your For Collins Property

When your home in Fort Collins holds floodwater, your first thought is about the living space. Crawlspaces often receive little consideration during a crisis like flooding. However, although you most likely do not store anything of value underneath your home in these areas, their condition can impact the rest of your home.
SERVPRO technicians want to make sure that your Fort Collins property receives flood removal services from top to bottom, and this includes the areas you never see. Low-lying areas like crawlspaces and basements often have a sump pump installed. However, these pumps are for minor amounts of water that might come from condensation on walls or small leaks. They typically cannot handle the inundation a flood causes and quickly become overwhelmed. Also, the amount of mud and silt that a flood carries can clog these small pumps and render them worthless.
Our pumps are much larger and can handle this type of work relatively effortlessly. In addition to extracting the water left behind by a flood, our truck-mounted pumps also pull out a considerable amount of sediment. What you see in the living areas of your house is much less than what your crawl space might hold. This sediment can hold organic matter, pathogens, and other undesirable items. We get these removed and make your home safe again.
Sediment can also hold moisture, which can then evaporate back into your house and keep humidity levels higher than usual. Eliminating such substances helps protect your home from this effect. Once we remove the water and the sediment, cleaning things up further eliminates wet conditions. Air movers drastically speed up the drying of the lower-most areas of your home, also helping to dry out any wooden support beams and helping restore stability to your house's frame.
While deodorization of a crawlspace might seem unnecessary, it can help to do this when our Odor Control Technician (OCT) applies similar methods to the upper levels of your property. Gel packs that slowly release scents can help diminish odors that emanate from underneath your home and keep it smelling more normal after a flood. Fully deodorizing and disinfecting your crawlspace after a flood improves the indoor air quality of the above living area.
Call SERVPRO of Fort Collins for the flood removal and cleanup services needed after a flooding incident. Your entire home requires experts who care about the condition of your home, who can answer your questions and always ensures that the work completed meets IICRC standards. Call us at (970) 493-6335, which is available 24/7, every day of the year.

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Our Experts Explain Safety Risks All Homeowners In Fort Collins Should Know

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help your home deal with the damaging effects of a flood.

Be Aware Of These Safety Risks In A Flood Damaged Fort Collins Home

Although it may not appear dangerous at first glance, flood damage in Fort Collins is one of the riskiest situations to be in your home. Floods contain massive destructive potential and can even be more deadly than a house fire, but are often underestimated in their ability to cause you harm. Being aware of these hazards is not enough to protect you from them, but if you recognize their existence, you may be better prepared to deal with them should they pose a risk in your home.

Electrocution Hazards
One of the most dangerous effects of flood damage in a Fort Collins home is the damaging of electronics and electrical lines. When devices and appliances that use electricity come in contact with the kind of violent and uncontrolled water flow that most floods produce, they can malfunction and pose an electrocution hazard to anyone touching the same puddle of water as a severed electrical line. To protect yourself against electrocution hazards, avoid touching anything plugged into a wall or with a large battery that may have been impacted by the flood.

Broken Glass and Sharp Debris
Many floods can carry debris and broken shards of glass and ceramics into your home, creating a significant risk of infection if any of these open up even a small cut on your body. The best way to circumvent these hazards is to avoid walking through any standing water in the home and always to use a flashlight to navigate through dark or dim areas.

Microbes and Mold
Some microbes and mold in the floodwaters may cause health effects if you are exposed to them, making any area with standing water a hazard to be in and around. SERVPRO's top priority when arriving at your home is to remove these pools of water to not only protect your home but also eliminate some of the most substantial safety hazards in the building.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help your home deal with the damaging effects of a flood. Call us as soon as possible after the event at (970) 493-6335.

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When A Severe Thunderstorm Causes Flooding In Your Fort Collins Home, You Need The Team At SERVPRO!

12/4/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Fort Collins understands that time is of the essence when floodwaters have entered your home in Fort Collins.

Flood Damage Cleanup For Your Home In Fort Collins

When the weather conditions in Fort Collins turn south, it can take a massive toll on your property. Severe thunderstorms and flooding can lead to severe damage to your home. When this happens, the contents inside are also at risk of harm from exposure to the elements, such as floodwaters. Although the weather cannot be controlled, there are ways to safely and quickly mitigate and restore your home.

Delaying the restoration and cleanup process after flood damage to your Fort Collins structure only leads to additional damage and higher repair costs. Therefore, you should contact our staff at SERVPRO right away. We are a professional restoration company who have the training and the tools get your property back to pre-damage condition in a timely fashion.

When flooding occurs, floodwaters can cause damage to flooring, carpeting, walls, plus other contents, plus increase your risk for mold growth. SERVPRO techs know it is essential to move quickly in a situation like this to prevent further damage.

When it comes to hardwood flooring, our drying strategy focuses on preventing cupping, buckling, or warping from becoming permanent. The effect of water on the floor is determined by how much water and how long the water was on the floor. Warping and cupping, if not severe, might be taken out by sanding as part of the refinishing process.

Usually, a hardwood floor can’t be refinished until the moisture content level stabilizes. Wood floors can take one to two months to acclimate before they can be sanded and refinished. If they are sanded too early, they could crown or cup as the drying continues.

We need to dry any affected hardwood flooring as soon as possible. Wooden materials that stay wet for long periods are susceptible to permanent damage. Mold growth is also likely when the moisture content is over twenty percent. There is equipment we can use to force airflow underneath the floor, drying it from below, which might allow you to avoid perforating the floor finish.

We also monitor the subflooring by using a penetrating moisture meter. We must ensure that it is dry as well. The use of desiccant dehumidifiers might be necessary when surfaces are dry, but moisture remains in some parts of your structure.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins understands that time is of the essence when floodwaters have entered your home in Fort Collins. Contact us right away by dialing (970) 493-6335 so we can help you restore your home to its preloss condition.

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Three Factors Determining Restoration Cost in Your Flood Damaged Fort Collins Home

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians removed the water and dried the affected area after a flood.

Understanding the Key Factors Affecting Restoration Costs

Among all the natural disasters that can damage Fort Collins homes, none are as unpredictable as floods-especially when it comes to damage. Unlike water damage where you may salvage several of your belongings, it is the opposite with floods. You may need to dispose of a few or all of your furniture, appliances, and carpeting. Also, the cost of repairing your home can run up to tens of thousands of dollars.

As a homeowner, it is essential to know the key factors affecting storm water restoration costs in Fort Collins. Here are three factors of which you should be aware.

Level of flood water

The level of flood water in your home plays a crucial factor in determining the restoration costs. Simply put, if more water has infiltrated your home, SERVPRO technicians take more time to remove it, which increases the cost of restoration. If the level of flood water in your home is low, it is far less costly.

Relative humidity

Relative humidity is the average amount of moisture in the air at a particular temperature. SERVPRO flood damage experts in Fort Collins know that relative humidity above 60% slows drying time. This has an impact on the time needed to dry your home completely.

Since the required level of RH is less than 40%, flood restoration experts use two methods. The first method is water extraction. Here we use advanced equipment to remove water from your home. Afterward, we use dehumidifiers and air movers to evaporate and dehumidify your home. Thanks to the use of dehumidifiers, we prevent mold growth in your home.


When it comes to flood damage restoration, ventilation is a crucial factor. As said earlier, the relative humidity in a room after floods is above 60%. To lower the level of humidity below 40%, we blow the humid air out. SERVPRO flood restoration technicians position air movers at strategic locations in your home. From time to time, the experts change the location of the air movers, which helps to fast-track drying and removal of humid air.

At SERVPRO of Fort Collins, we understand that you are in a predicament. To prevent further damage and save you thousands of dollars in repairs, call our 24/7 emergency line at (970) 493-6335. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Completing Flood Damage Mitigation in Fort Collins with Deodorizing Techniques

9/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fort Collins Business and Residential Customers Benefit from Fast SERVPRO Services for Flooding and Odor Contol Restoration

Indoor Air Quality Factors into Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Provided by SERVPRO

Many disasters leave behind a distinct scent in a Fort Collins home, but some can severely impact a family's comfort levels. Dirty water often leaves overpowering and unpleasant odors behind.

When homes in Fort Collins sustain flood damage, their interiors become saturated in difficult-to-reach areas that then retain odor-causing substances. These materials can range from bacteria and one-celled organisms to chemicals from lawn care products, sewage, and motor oils. When these substances sit, they produce odor.
SERVPRO's IICRC-certified technicians remove much of what produces odors during the mitigation and restoration stages. However, cracks in your foundation and other tiny, even microscopic, spaces can keep hiding other particles that continually stink up your home. The majority of homes with flood damage require additional mitigation aimed directly at odor-causing particles throughout the entire home. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) can discuss the options that best suit your residence's unique needs.
Using these methods helps ensure that your home loses the foul odors you might have begun dreading coming home to and make it smell “Like it never even happened,” instead. Our methods are much more long-lasting than what you get by using room deodorizing sprays purchased at the grocery store.
When the chemical agents in our thermal fogging units bond with substances that cause odor, they become inert and unable to remain troublesome. Hydroxyl and ozone gases work in much the same way but without being forced into areas as is the case with thermal fogging. These devices neutralize and remove odors leaving an improved indoor air quality IAQ. Thermal fogging can leave your home smelling neutral or with a scent you choose.
Because carpeting affected by flood damage no longer remains post-mitigation, we cannot use injectable deodorizing agents. We can use similar methods in undamaged areas of the home, though, to provide these rooms with a boost that can also lift moods and please the senses.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins's 24-hour emergency number, (970) 493-6335, puts you in contact with professionals who can help you save your home from the detrimental effects of flood damage that continue to create unwanted odors.

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Flood Damage Technicians in Fort Collins Discuss Issues With Drywall

6/24/2018 (Permalink)

Flood damage can affect your walls and the studs behind them. Contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services that get the job done.

SERVPRO Technicians Efficiently Dry Out Your Home After Flooding

When a severe thunderstorm hits Fort Collins, the possibility of flooding exists. When water builds up outside and starts flooding streets, it is likely that it will find its way into your home. Moisture can leak into your houses from the bottom door seals.
Severe storms can also cause other problems like leaks in roofs and broken windows that can be sources for water to enter your house. During a flood damage project in Fort Collins, removing water in a timely manner is essential. If moisture is left inside your house for too long, mold can develop. Since mold can cause health effects in some people, lowering moisture levels of building materials in less than 48 hours is vital.
Water resulting from a flood usually affects the floor first, then moisture can work its way up the walls. Excessive moisture brings about high indoor relative humidity percentages that can also cause damage to drywall inside the building. If drywall gets saturated, it can lose its structural integrity and fall apart. The paper backing on drywall can also serve as a food source for microbial growth.
Any time drywall gets wet, there is also the possibility that the wooden studs inside the wall cavity got affected as well. To figure out how wet the drywall and wooden studs got during the flood, our SERVPRO technicians use moisture sensors. These sensors have probes on them that get hammered into the wood and drywall to give a moisture reading of the material. Readings get taken in both affected and unaffected areas so that we know how dry the materials were before the storm.
In some cases, the bottom part of the drywall gets saturated to the point where it needs to be replaced. In these situations, our SERVPRO restoration crew cuts the drywall a foot or two above the floor. Making these "flood cuts" opens up the wall cavity and allows air flow from the drying equipment to force air into the wall cavity and dry out the wet materials.
In some situations, an injection drying system can be implemented to prevent drywall from being removed. When using injection dryers, we drill holes into the wall and insert hoses from the machine that pumps air into the wall cavity. For help with drying out wet drywall, call SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 24/7.

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The Flood Damage Specialists of Fort Collins

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Heavy rains and other types of storms can bring floodwaters inside your home. Contact SERVPRO to remediate and help prevent mold growth.

Certified SERVPRO Technicians Follow the Path That Flooding Took Into Your Home to Investigate the Extent of the Damage

During springtime, excessive rains and flooding tend to happen more often than in other seasons. Sometimes during a storm, the awful weather happens to damage your Fort Collins home. Not all rainstorms create flooding conditions but still possibly cause other mishaps to take place.
In some cases, high-speed winds blow tree branches, rocks or other objects into the exterior structure of your house. SERVPRO's flood damage technicians in Fort Collins have experience in mitigating various types of weather-related problems. If the wind blows something unexpected into a window or other weak part of your structure, it is possible that a hole gets created. Any hole in the exterior of a home that gets opened up during excessive rain possibly causes a water damage situation.
Water entering your building many times causes some issues for the house's structural and building materials. Sometimes rainwater from the outside has a high contamination level and materials the water came in contact with get discarded and replaced. Other times excessive amounts of water ruin the structural integrity of contents or materials causing them to get removed.
In some cases, these scenarios get mitigated without removing and replacing contents or building materials. Often our drying process fixes the moisture problem. When attempting to dry a structure, we set up air movers and dehumidifiers to create the best environment for water evaporation.
If a building's structure does not get dried promptly, mold growth possibly occurs, and structural materials such as insulation get ruined. Fiberglass insulation easily gets dried out if exposed to the correct environment. Other types of insulation mat up when they get wet. Cellulose and Rockwool insulations lose their "R" value and their fire resistance when wet and usually get discarded.
The best way to dry insulation inside a wall cavity is to pump warm, dry air inside it. Many times we remove your wall's baseboard and drill holes behind it. The holes allow air from the air movers to get pumped into the wall cavities increasing evaporation of the insulation. After the drying gets finished, the holes get sealed, and the baseboard gets re-installed onto the walls.
Reducing high moisture levels inside a structure is a tedious task. If you ever need professional help with a moisture problem call SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 for assistance 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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How do Professionals Remove Water from Your Flood Damaged Fort Collins Home?

2/12/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding in any part of your home needs quick drying out services to prevent further damage and possible mold. Contact SERVPRO immediately.

SERVPRO Storm Damage Remediation Can Help Prevent Any Secondary Damages

Whether it is due to a storm, heavy rains or any other natural disaster, a flood can cause extensive damage to your home. The key to a successful restoration after flood damage is quick water removal and preventing secondary damage.

Thankfully, professional restoration experts can take care of your flood damaged Fort Collins home. SERVPRO technicians can start the mitigation process as soon as we hear from you. The process of flood damage restoration is a multi-step process that can take time and needs expertise. Here are some of the steps that professionals use to remove water after a flood.

Removal of the standing water
The first step is to get the floodwater out of your home. Various equipment can be used to get this job done depending on the amount of water that needs to be removed. If the water is not quickly removed, it can continue to cause corrosion and damage with each passing hour.

The equipment that is used to pump out the standing water is called an extractor. It is used to remove the excess water from the floors, carpets, and upholstery after flood damage. Extractors can be of varying sizes and capacities. While the technicians can use portable extractors for small amounts of water, larger volumes often require truck mounted versions.

Removal of the residual moisture  
Even after the standing water is removed, the residual moisture can continue to inflict damage. It is essential to get rid of this residual moisture by drying the contents of the flood-damaged home with proper equipment. The process of eliminating the excess moisture begins with the assessment of the amount of residual moisture remaining. SERVPRO technicians use various moisture testing equipment such as moisture meters and thermohygrometers to ascertain the level of the residual water.

The next step is to eliminate this excess moisture with the help of equipment such as dehumidifiers and air movers. The goal is to create a condition that allows rapid and efficient drying. The technicians establish a drying goal and work toward achieving it as soon as possible.

Call SERVPRO of Fort Collins today at (970) 493-6335 and schedule an appointment.

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What You Should Do When You Find Flood Damage in Your Fort Collins Residence

1/26/2018 (Permalink)

Time can affect the construction of your home, allowing flood waters to seep into the lower levels causing significant damage.

SERVPRO Works to Remediate Flood Damage and Prevent Future Damage

As unpredictable as it seems severe weather can be these days, it is difficult for people to adequately prepare for what might happen at a moment’s notice. With just a few days of rainfall, the ground can become too saturated to be able to keep up with a massive storm that might be on the horizon. Your Fort Collins home might have been prepared for flooding threats when it got constructed decades ago, but even the most diligent of construction efforts can give way over time to allow for potential problems for your lower levels.

Flood damage to your Fort Collins home can be catastrophic. With water all over the lower levels of your home and often several inches deep, it can be almost impossible to make sense of where to even begin cleaning up the mess. Fortunately, our water restoration specialists at SERVPRO can make this process much easier for you, and even communicate directly with your insurance company to help make the process less stressful and ultimately faster for you and your family.

From the moment that our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home, our goal is to get the damage restored as quickly as possible. Our slogan, “Like it never even happened.” is not just a catchy tagline for our services, but a commitment to every home and business in our region that we can adequately restore your property to the condition it was before the emergency occurred.

Locating the source of the flooding is a critical first step in our assessment and restoration processes. We can successfully seal up cracks and holes in your foundation with hydraulic cement, which is a useful solution to preventing future water penetration. Our efforts then become focused on extracting the pooled water in the affected areas of your home. With a high volume, pump trucks from our fleet are brought to your home to quickly pull all of the visible water up and away from the area. Then, spot extraction of remaining water gets accomplished using wet vacs and finished with drying equipment like our air movers and dehumidifiers.

Flood damage can be devastating to see in your home, but it does not have to get seen for very long. Trust the skilled technicians we have at SERVPRO of Fort Collins. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (970) 493-6335.

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Tree Damage To Your Fort Collins Property Can Cause Flood Damage

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

Tree limbs might not seem like they could cause much damage to your house, but in truth, they could ultimately collapse a roof.

Tree Damage Can Cause Flood Damage

Severe weather can happen at a moment’s notice. While not all storms passing through Fort Collins usually have the potential to leave homes at risk of flooding, high winds and heavy rainfall are often the perfect combinations for bringing down trees or their limbs. Tree limbs might not seem like they could cause much damage to your house, but in truth, they could ultimately collapse a roof or puncture holes through the shingles or siding of your home to allow water to penetrate easily. An entire tree falling over can be vastly more problematic.

The pertinent trouble with these kinds of openings in your house is that they allow untold volumes of water to get into your home. Worse still, the more that these holes become exposed to water running through them, the more prominent they can quickly get. If the same storm mentioned earlier also comes with rainfall substantial enough to warrant flash flood warnings, then the vast amounts of water that might typically roll off your roof and into the gutters are now pouring into your home. Flood damages to your Fort Collins home can be costly, and get exponentially more expensive as the affected area increases.

At SERVPRO, we have seen many reasons that houses in the area have experienced flood damages. Though the source might change, the approach to solving this problem remains the same: get all of the water gone. All of the water means both the supply of your flooding as well as the damage that has already been done by the pooling water on the floor. Typically, the source of the problem at hand is going to be the priority. Stoppage in flow prevents the problem from getting worse, such as continually adding more water to the equation.

The next step for our SERVPRO team is the removal of the water. This step is less efficient if the source of the flooding has yet to get resolved, so that is why removal is secondary. Once the standing water is gone by use of submersible pumps, wet vacs, and pumper trucks, the drying process immediately follows. The idea here is never to let water soak into the framework of your home or any of your house’s contents and be left to generate moisture in the air. Dampness allows for the production of mold.

Judging the damage to the outside of your home from the fallen tree (or its limb), we at SERVPRO works closely with whatever contracting firm you desire. Communication with this company ensures that the area has gets prepped for repair by our team of professionals, and qualified tradespeople are there promptly to restore the exterior of your home for renewed water protection.

Give us a call at SERVPRO of Fort Collins anytime at (970) 493-6335. Our fast emergency response team can help you mitigate your restoration costs by beginning the process right away.

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Even If You Do Everything Right, Flood Damage Still Affects your Fort Collins Home

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

When facing flooding from inside or outside sources, it is time to call the trained and certified SERVPRO technicians to mitigate the damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Flooding Problems Quickly to Help Prevent Secondary Damages

Even if you do everything right - institute preparatory measures, ensure that your insurance is up-to-date and comprehensive, and call SERVPRO at the first sign of flood damage in Fort Collins - your home is still likely to take significant damage if flooded. It is almost impossible to entirely avoid the effects of a flood if it reaches your property, but you can avoid some of the more damaging consequences. Here are a few types of flood damage that are likely to come up even in the most well-managed situations.

Color Staining and Bleed
Colors in fabrics and carpeting can bleed quickly in Fort Collins flood damage. Some types of dye and coloring come loose when they meet standing or flowing water, permanently embedding themselves in nearby materials before SERVPRO ever has a chance to arrive at your home. This is one of the most common and visible changes we deal with in most flood restorations.

Furniture and Wood Swells and Cracks
Wooden furniture and sensitive structural elements can swell, crack, and break easily when inundated by flood waters, even if our technicians arrive and put forth their best mitigation efforts. The speed and intensity of this process vary greatly depending on temperature, type of wood, finishes, and a host of other factors, but is often too fast and too insurmountable to stop.
Odors Develop
While the worst odors come after days without treatment, some odors can still develop within hours of the initial flood damage. These can be caused by a range of different things, from early mold growth to materials destruction and rot. An early response is critical to containing these odors, however, as added time can make them much more widespread and pungent.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins is available 24/7 to respond to local calls for distress. We provide flood damage mitigation and restoration services with the added benefits of excellent customer services, quality care, and national resources. Call us at (970) 493-6335.
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Answers To Storm Damage Throughout The Fort Collins Area

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Never enter your Fort Collins home after storm damage occurs without the proper assistance.

Storm Damage

Living through a powerful storm can leave your family rattled, nervous, and cautiously optimistic about what they might expect to see upon returning home. While everyone may be anxious to see what they have left, their health is more important.

Never enter your Fort Collins home after storm damage occurs without the proper assistance. Keep your safety and the safety of your family foremost in your mind. Downed power lines, electrical, fire, water, and slip, trip, or fall hazards can make returning to your home risky. The possible dangers are limitless, making a qualified restoration specialist extremely valuable.

SERVPRO technicians assess your entire property, exposing hazards and pointing out areas most susceptible to costly damage. Your roof may have holes, split seams, missing shingles, cracked tiles, slate. Granules can collect in gutters and downspouts while dents in air vents, gutters, and flashing, often lead to leaks in your roof and ceiling.

Throughout the event, windows, and doors take damage from the wind and flying debris. SERVPRO checks for cracks, holes, broken panes and damage to frames. We board up broken entry points to eliminate possible intrusion, theft, or additional loss due to exposure. All of our technicians utilize a restore versus replace attitude when working on your property, mitigating losses, and providing our customers with the best possible results.

SERVPRO technicians inspect your entire home. We look for damage to siding, paint, bricks, and masonry surfaces while also reporting any damage found to everyone involved. Our staff helps you complete claim paperwork to help you get the most for your losses, offering improvements when possible and continually updating you on the progress of your restoration.

Most homeowners carry adequate insurance, covering the costs of your restoration entirely. There is absolutely no reason to attempt DIY repairs, in fact, you may make things worse and cause technicians to have a harder time if you take things on alone.

Contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins for access to IICRC certified technicians with several years of experience, industrial-grade equipment, and vast resources at their command, call today (970) 493-6335.

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Responding To Flood Damage In Fort Collins With Fast, Effective Solutions

2/17/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding and water intrusion requires gradual treatment.

Responding To Flood Damage

At SERVPRO, we are keen to remind our customers that flood damage repair is a unique process. There is no ‘one fits all’ approach because every situation is different. Every home has strengths and weaknesses, and these are what we consider when deciding on the best way to carry out repairs.

However, there are some steps which are common to all cases of flood damage in Fort Collins. These are the rigorous checks and inspections; the quality controls which we put in place to ensure a successful result. So, there are some stages of the restoration which you can expect to see if you call SERVPRO for help. Keep reading to find out why we use these measures and what they mean for your home.

Immediate Protection
After determining the severity of the water intrusion, the first thing that our technicians do is identify items which need immediate protection. They focus on objects which may still be undamaged (electronics, toys, furniture, appliances, etc.), rather than materials which are already wet. Sometimes, they cover these items with protective plastic to safeguard against contact with moisture. If possible, they may remove them from the building and take them to a specialist holding facility. The aim is to identify the potential for damage quickly and prevent it from occurring.

Activation Of Site Assets
The next stage is working out what kind of drying assets you already have in your home. Undamaged exhaust vents, HVAC ducts, and ceiling fans can all be used to bring humidity levels back under control. If you do not have any of these things or they have become compromised due to water intrusion, we may consider bringing in a larger number of drying machines.

Establishing Drying Goals
The best way to ensure that a restoration is successful is to create a comprehensive drying plan. Flooding and water intrusion requires gradual treatment. The technicians must create optimal atmospheric conditions, and if they work too fast or slow, their ability to do this may be impaired. It is why consistent monitoring is such a big part of flood damage restoration. The SERVPRO team needs unhindered access to the affected area so that they can regularly check conditions. If the levels of humidity and surplus moisture do not present as predicted after the first 48 hours, the arrangement of dehumidifiers and air movers requires adjustment.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins approaches every restoration job with the same commitment and precision. We want you to understand the flood damage repair process and what it means for the future of your home. If there are items that we cannot salvage, our technicians always take the time to explain why this is the case. Call us 24/7 on (970) 493-6335 for fast, local repairs.

Storm Damage Can Create Chaos For Outside Structures In Ft. Collins

2/3/2017 (Permalink)

In Fort Collins, the typical storm can damage your home in a matter of minutes.

Storm Damage

Comforting your children and assuring them that everything is going to be okay when a storm hits the area you live in is part of most parents' job. Finding out when the storm has passed that there is lots of damage to the exterior of your home is one of any homeowner's worst discoveries. When you find that your old tree is lying across your carport, garage, or your home's roof, you need to act fast so that everything is fine again.

In Fort Collins, the typical storm can damage your home in a matter of minutes. When storms are not so severe, they can still cause damage. SERVPRO can help you with the repairs needed for both kinds of storm. Smaller storms are also capable of creating problems for outbuildings, gazebos, and even children's clubhouses, both on the ground and in your backyard tree. Most of this type of damage is wind-related.

Cleaning up the debris carried in by strong storms, including those storms that are more wind than rain, is also part of our services. We work hard to ensure that your home not only looks clean and beautiful again but that it is also a safe place, inside and out in the yard. Our experts will inspect your outdoor structures for damage, repair what we find and restore your outdoor living space.

We know that every part of your home is important to you and that all work must be done to reflect how you, the customer, wants it to be. It is your home and your castle. It is more than a house to you. It is the basis of your family's security. Calling SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 can help you continue providing that sense of safety to your family again. We can respond within an hour after your call, which can be made whenever you have an emergency, even on weekends and the middle of the night.

How To Use IICRC Classifications To Assess Flood Damage In Fort Collins

11/14/2016 (Permalink)

If your house was impacted by a storm, the damage is almost going to have advanced beyond small pools of water.

IICRC Classifications

It has barely been a month since Hurricane Matthew swept onto the southeast coast of America. Many families are still displaced, and their homes still boarded up, waiting for restoration. The recovery is in full effect now, but lots of properties need emergency repairs before their occupants can return.

If you have endured flood damage to your Fort Collins home – SERVPRO can help you. We are an experienced flood damage restoration and repair team, with access to sophisticated tools and the finest equipment. If your property needs saving, we are the right choice. The first that thing we do, once we arrive on site, is to conduct a full inspection. This is designed to help us determine the extent and nature of the damage. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) categories flood damage according to four key classifications. The SERVPRO technicians will use this guide to shape their plan of action and decide which repairs are required.

Here is some more information on the IICRC classifications and what they might mean for your property.

Class One: Limited Intrusion
This is the least severe type of flood damage. A small amount of water has entered the home. There is minimal damage to walls and soft furnishings. Depending on the size, shape, and location of the affected space, large fans can likely be used to dry it out.

Class Two: Intrusion With Some Spread
Here, flood water has started to spread. If your house was impacted by a storm, the damage is almost going to have advanced beyond small pools of water. It may have risen into the walls and started to soak into timber, concrete, and insulation materials. The water has reached the subflooring beneath carpets. Industrial drying machines (and carpet lifters) will be brought in to absorb the excess moisture.

Class Three: Invasive Liquid
The walls, ceilings, soft furnishings, and floors are all damp and need to be dried quickly. Most are fully saturated with water. Water lines on the walls extend more than two feet above the floor. This tends to occur when ceilings leak (during heavy rainfall), and water seeps through the walls. Dehumidifiers and dryers can be used to restore the home, but some materials may be unsalvageable.

Class Four: Severe Invasion
In the most severe cases, objects not usually affected by flooding have been compromised. For instance, paintings high up on walls, attics (if the danger is from natural flooding), and crawlspaces. At SERVPRO, we’re committed to saving as many of your possessions as possible, but extensive damage can render some items irreparable. We will, however, inform you of the fact before disposing of any materials. Serious flood damage may require you to move out of the property while we secure its structural safety and install heavy duty drying machines.

Whether your home has been damaged by a storm or by something more familiar, like a burst pipe, assessing the damage is an important part of formulating a response. SERVPRO of Fort Collins is a locally based service, which means that our response is always fast. Call us 24/7 at (970) 493-6335.

Storm Damage Can Cause Additional Problems in Other Areas of Your Home

7/27/2016 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Can Be Devastating, call SERVPRO ASAP

Certified Technicians Can Prevent Further Damage From a Storm

While storm damage may have happened on only one side or corner of your home, storm damage can quickly spread. Water that has been able to enter during the storm through any openings created by falling trees or broken glass can evaporate and find its way into other rooms, and even onto other levels of your home.

Removing Storm Damage and the Mess it Makes Should be Done Carefully and Professionally

Storm damage can cause unexpected hazards. If your Fort Collins home or small business has experienced storm damage, you should not attempt to clean the debris up yourself. We have professional technicians who are trained in clearing away the debris. We have experience in extracting standing water, cleaning water damaged items and structures, and can help prevent mold growth.

Cleaning alone is often not enough, as storm damage and subsequent rainfall will damage interior structures. We can prevent much of the damage, and repair what has already taken place. We prevent damage by extracting additional moisture and applying heating systems that speed up the drying process. Repairs and restoration work can be done so that the new materials match the original ones. Painted walls, trim, wallpaper borders, and carpeting can be saved while only the damaged areas that are not able to be cleaned to like-new condition can be replaced. We have training and certification in restorative work that makes this possible.

From removing the debris to final restorative touches, we can quickly make things look just “Like they never even happened,” ensuring you and your family can return to your home safely. The same goes for your small business or office. Don't let storm damage ruin your home or your business. We know that your family deserves to be in their own home. We also know that small businesses need to have access to their office equipment and that every day counts.

For storm damage clean up and repairs, call us 24/7 at SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335. We will respond to your emergency at your earliest convenience to start cleaning up the debris and repairing the damage.

All About Fort Collins Tornados

7/16/2015 (Permalink)

Tornadoes are a destructive weather occurrence that is measured by the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

All About Tornados

Tornadoes Explained
Tornadoes are a destructive weather occurrence that is measured by the Enhanced Fujita Scale. While they vary in strength, tornadoes can destroy buildings, lift railroad cars and create other Fort Collins storm damage. Tornadoes are columns of air that begin to rotate slowly and pick up speed until they are violently spinning funnels though it may not be visible until it reaches the ground and picks up debris.

Tornado Formation
No one knows exactly how tornadoes form, but a supercell thunderstorm is required. Supercell thunderstorms differ from traditional thunderstorms in that they have strong updrafts of rotating air. Other necessary factors for tornado formation may include strong wind changes, moisture in the air or temperature differences between downdrafts and the surrounding air.

Funnel Cloud or Tornado?
Many people confuse funnel clouds with tornadoes, but they are different. Tornadoes start as funnel-shaped clouds that extend down from a thunderstorm’s cloud base. A funnel cloud is comprised of tiny moisture droplets that are visible as it rotates. However, some funnel clouds lack moisture and are invisible. Once funnel clouds reach the ground, they become tornadoes.

Tornado Facts
The path of destruction created by tornadoes ranges from 100 yards to more than 2.6 miles. They typically travel from southwest to northeast with speeds between 30 and 70 mph. Tornadoes can last for a few seconds or more than an hour, but typically don’t last more than 10 minutes.

Tornado Locations
Tornadoes can form anywhere in the U.S. but are most common in the deep south and between the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains. They occur most in April, May, and June, but can occur at any time of the year.

Tornado Causes
Tornado formation requires the convergence of three air layers. The ground layer consists of warm, moist air with strong winds from the South. Another layer is in the upper atmosphere and consists of cold air with winds coming from the west or southwest. The third layer is in the middle and consists of hot, dry air, which allows the lower layer to heat up. This creates instability that is exacerbated when the upper layer begins to move east. The result is that all the layers begin to lift, which creates thunderstorms and strong updrafts. The interaction between the updrafts and surrounding winds can cause the rotation to develop, which is a tornado.

The professionals at SERVPRO have experience cleaning up Fort Collins storm damage of all varieties, especially flooding caused by storms and extreme weather occurrences.

Locally Owned Company with National Storm Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Fort Collins is strategically located to respond quickly to your water or flood damage event. When a major storm or flood event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams if we need additional resources or personnel.

We are proud to serve our local communities: