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SERVPRO employee cleaning floor

Commercial Cleaning

Certified Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is proud to have a team who is certified and trained to clean and sanitize commercial properties. 

We follow IICRC standards and CDC guidelines when cleaning your commercial property. We use anti-microbial cleaning products to ensure your business is Certified SERVPRO Cleaned. We are here to help you. 

Commercial building with fire damage and board up

Commercial Fire Damage

Our Process

When a commercial property suffers from fire damage, our team is trained to help with restoration and board up any gaps or holes in the affected structure. We work quickly to get your business back to normal so you have minimal distractions from your day to day practice. 

Fire damaged building with soot damage

After Fire Damage

We're Here to Help

No matter the size disaster, our team at SERVPRO is here to help you after fire damages. Whether your home or business needs restoration and cleanup, we will be there to help you in no time. 

Our team at SERVPRO of Fort Collins is available 24/7 to assist you after fire loss

Carpet in building needed to be cleaned

Commercial Property Carpet

We're Here to Help

Extracting water from the carpet is our first step if there is any water damage. Once we finish, our team will clean the carpets so your property looks "Like it never even happened!"

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is the team you can trust to help you after any type of water loss

Stairs that were cleaned by our team

Cleaned Stairs

Commercial Services

Our team at SERVPRO of Fort Collins can do it all, including cleaning stairs in a commercial property. No matter where there is damage or disaster, our team can clean and restore like it is new!

water damage

Break Room Cleanup

Water Removal

This Fort Collins business had some water damaged carpets that needed drying and cleaning. Our team moved furniture out of the affected area before using vacuums and air movers to dry the area. 

soot damage after fire

Soot Damage from Fire

Emergency Restoration

This home suffered from severe soot and smoke damage after a fire. To restore this home, our team at SERVPRO used OSHA approved cleaning techniques to remove dangerous chemicals and erase the soot damage

Team member in PPE and disinfecting.

Fort Collins Disinfection Services

Call the Pros

Is your business in Fort Collins in need of a decontamination service? Don't worry! Our SERVPRO of Fort Collins team offers residential and commercial disinfection and proactive viral pathogen cleaning. 

Disaster recovery semi truck.

Disaster Recovery Team Can Respond to Any Size Loss

Our SERVPRO of Fort Collins team can quickly and easily respond to any large storm damage event around the country. When it comes to large loss cleanup and restoration, our SERVPRO team is always here to help!

Collapsed ceiling with debris on floor.

Commercial Storm Cleanup in Fort Collins

If your home or business in Fort Collins suffers from damage after a storm, you can count on our SERVPRO of Fort Collins team to be there to help with all the cleanup and restoration! Storms can strike with force when you very least expect it. Be prepared by keeping our phone number nearby - (970) 493-6335.

Mold growth & SERVPRO logo.

Mold Remediation & Removal in Fort Collins

When you start noticing the first signs of a mold infestation, do not hesitate and give our SERVPRO of Fort Collins team a call today! Our team is the local mold remediation specialist in the Fort Collins area. 

SERVPRO large loss truck.

Large Loss Ready

Our large loss team is always on standby and ready to respond to any major event. Not only in Fort Collins, CO, but all over the United States. We often travel to communities after major storm & hurricane events. 

SERVPRO van by house.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO of Fort Collins offers an immediate response to your home or business in the Fort Collins area after a water, fire, or mold damage event. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, and equipped to handle any size cleanup and restoration needed!

green drying equipment in a hallway

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage

Frozen Pipe Bursts in Fort Collins, CO

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is assisting those with water damage due to frozen and bursting pipes. Our team is working around the clock to ensure our community is taken care of as we experience ongoing winter weather.

mold on a white wall

Mold Restoration and Remediation

Mold Removal in Fort Collins, CO

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is the premier choice for a mold damage restoration company in Fort Collins, CO. From start to finish, you can trust the professionals at SERVPRO to make sure the job is done right.

Trucks with rainbow in the background

SERVPRO Restoration Specialists

Highly Trained Restoration Specialists - SERVPRO Fort Collins 

There is a rainbow after the storm! SERVPRO Fort Collins' highly trained specialists are here to serve you and the community until restoration is complete. Call us at (970) 493-6335 to learn more today!

Water Damage in Office Building

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO Fort Collins Commercial Water Damage Restoration

No matter the scope of your businesses' water damage SERVPRO Fort Collins will respond quickly and manage your restoration needs to completion.  

commercial building board up

Commercial Board Up Services

Commercial Board Up Services - SERVPRO of Fort Collins

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is your local restoration and building services professional. If you need board up services or other building services, call SERVPRO to learn more about how we can help!(970) 493-6335

exposed piping interior walls

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Services - SERVPRO of Fort Collins

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is your local water damage professional. Call SERVPRO when the water has presented itself inside your property. We are here to help! (970) 493-6335

service worker sanitizing office space

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services from SERVPRO of Fort Collins

SERVPRO has access to PPE and high-quality disinfectants that will have your commercial property clean in no time. Call SERVPRO to learn more about how we can help. (970) 493-6335

water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration Services

Water Damage Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is your water damage restoration professional! Our team is available 24/7, 365 to ensure that your property is taken care of quickly. Call SERVPRO to learn more about how we can help. (970) 493-6335

fire damage restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Fort Collins, CO

Has your property experienced a fire? Fire damage restoration is a hefty project. Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Fort Collins! We have an an expert staff and top of the line equipment to get the job done right! (970) 493-6335


Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is your local provider for all things cleaning and disinfection. We have access to top of the line equipment to get the job done right! Call today to have our team evaluate the cleanliness of your space. (970) 493-6335

water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration Services in Fort Collins, CO

Water Damage Restoration Services in Fort Collins, CO

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is highly trained to remove water once and for all. Our team offers water extraction and cleanup services! Call today to learn more about how we can help. (970) 493-6335

mold growing on window sill

Mold Remediation Services

We live and work in this community too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Fort Collins is close by and ready to help with your mold-damaged property. Call your local SERVPRO of Fort Collins today for all your mold remediation needs! (970) 493-6335

mold in the home

Residential Mold Cleanup

With the structural damage that can often accompany extensive mold growth, you can depend on the fast transitions between mitigation work and the thorough approach of our contractors. Together, our entire SERVPRO of Fort Collins crew can make it “Like it never even happened.” Call your local SERVPRO today for all your mold remediation needs! (970) 493-6335

mold removal

Commercial Mold Cleanup

Mold is an underappreciated threat to properties all over Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. Colonization of mold can spread throughout the property quickly, affecting multiple surfaces and threatening the structural integrity of these hosting materials and the health of those exposed to the colonies. If you see signs of mold, call us today - (970) 493-6335

Fort Collins Fire and Soot Mess

The puff back from the furnace started a fire in this Fort Collins house resulting in the sooty deposits and residue as shown in the Photo. The ionized particulates formed spiderweb-like soot that needed careful vacuuming and wiping down to minimize the followup priming and repainting of these surfaces. SERVPRO techs have the training and the equipment to restore this fire-damaged home to its preloss condition.

Mold Damage In Fort Collins

Call our crew if your Fort Collins home experiences a mold damage emergency. SERVPRO of Fort Collins is standing by 24/7 to respond to your call. We are IICRC certified in mold remediation. We have the experience, training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage – Fort Collins

Water damage in residential or commercial structures cannot always be seen with the naked eye. However, SERVPRO of Fort Collins can find hidden concentrations of moisture with the use of infrared cameras. This allows us to assess damage more accurately and to formulate a more exact plan for restoration.

Water Damage – Fort Collins Offices

Water damage at this Fort Collins office building was a result of the fire-suppressant sprinkler system inadvertently activating. The halls had standing water, and the walls were seriously soaked with water. SERVPRO of Fort Collins routinely offers emergency services for any size water damage event. We have trucks loaded with water restoration equipment ready to roll on a moments notice. Upon arrival at the site involved, we would first assess the damages and create a damage assessment report for the building manager. The water would be cleaned up by our industry certified technicians, and then all of the affected surfaces would be dried.

Fire Damage Restoration In Fort Collins

We have your back when a fire plagues your home. Our fire damage experts will respond quickly to your call. SERVPRO of Fort Collins has the training, fire damage experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Fort Collins Fire-Ravaged Home

Significant Fort Collins fire damage calls for a comprehensive cleanup of charred debris, water removal and a serious effort to improve indoor air quality. SERVPRO AMRT technicians have the experience, tools, industry-leading equipment, and the training to work with you to make this difficult time as stress-free as possible. Rely on us for help.

Storm Damaged Flooring in Fort Collins

Stormwater intrusion not only carries along debris and mud that can damage a pine wood floor but if the water is allowed to remain for several days, cupping and warping can occur. Fort Collins residents often call upon SERVPRO to clean up and dry out the water-damaged building elements. Our skilled technicians have the equipment and the savvy to mitigate storm damages, just give us a call.

Fort Collins Office Fire Cleanup

The office fire in this Fort Collins commercial building left a two-pronged mess. The smoke residue, fortunately, not charred items, and the powder from the fire-suppression system. SERVPRO technicians have the experience to deal with both types of waste plus restore the air quality to normal levels. Call us 24/7 for fast service.

Mold Remediation In Fort Collins

Looking up and discovering mold is not how you want to start your day. Mold needs to be dealt with quickly, and our team is accessible 24/7. Our state-of-the-art mold remediation equipment will return your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Fort Collins has the experience and knowledge to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Fort Collins Water and Drying

Plumbing leaks meant the removal of the flooring in this Fort Collins home. The pictured air movers partner with the dehumidifier to extract excess moisture from the sheathing. SERVPRO technicians understand the strategic placement of these devices expedites the drying process.

Storm Damage - Fort Collins Commercial Building

Storm Damage at this Fort Collins commercial building was created by a band of thunderstorms carrying high winds with powerful wind gusts associated with the storm. A section of the building's roof was ripped off, and rainwater made its way into the interior of the building damaging insulation, ceiling tiles, and the walls and flooring.

Fort Collins Commercial Water Damage Removal

Flooding from a broken water line can result in extensive water damage to business structures in the Fort Collins area. By calling SERVPRO, a fast 24/7 available response is possible which can mitigate water damage to the building materials and the furnishings.

Electrical Fires in Fort Collins Happen

An electrical short can spark a fire in the wall cavities of homes in Fort Collins. Kitchen appliances pull a large amount of current which can lead to overheating if a circuit breaker does not trip as intended. SERVPRO can clean up the mess with a phone call.

Mold Damage – Fort Collins Home

Mold damage was discovered at this Fort Collins home. The homeowner was aware of the potential health hazards of mold and was worried that the mold infestation might be larger than could be seen. SERVPRO of Fort Collins has highly trained technicians to determine what kind of mold is present and instruments to determine how far reaching that mold infestation has become.

Fort Collins Water Damage to Carpets

The water stains on a carpet like the one shown here in a Fort Collins home can be cleaned by SERVPRO. The wetted carpeting can be dried, and special cleaning products can restore the fibers to a preloss condition.

Storm Damage – Fort Collins

Storm Damage struck this Fort Collins Commercial strip center when high winds from a severe thunderstorm tore portions of the flat roof away from the building. A great deal of rainwater was allowed to enter the building as a result of the roof damage. Rainwater soaked the drop ceiling tiles inside the building, and many of them fell to the floor.

Fort Collins Smoke & Fire Residue

The stained wall, with an attempted cleaning from the Fort Collins homeowner, only exacerbated the problem. The smearing of a sooty film typically does not occur when a SERVPRO professional uses special sponges and can salvage the affected surfaces from replacement.

Commercial Fire Damage In Fort Collins

When your commercial property experiences a fire, there is only one call to make, and that is SERVPRO. With our training and specialized equipment, we will have you up and running in no time. Whether a small office building or a big commercial property we can tackle it all. Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Mold Damage to a Denver Crawl Space

The dampness in this crawl space led the Denver homeowner to call us for mold remediation. After exterminating the visible mold and then applying an antifungal agent, our SERVPRO AMRT tech recommended to our customer to speak with a sales rep to encapsulate the crawl space.

Fort Collins Storm Damage Work

The flooded rooms in this Fort Collins home needed some demolition before the restoration and replacement could be completed. Our SERVPRO crew tossed the flooring materials and gutted the lower portion of the non-salvageable drywall. This effort allowed for proper drying and the customer to eventually feel "Like it never even happened."

Denver Smoke & Fire Damaged Room

This photo illustrates the staining of smoke on walls after a fire in a Denver home. The large picture, now removed, along with the nail heads popping through the tape of the drywall, represent an interesting point. Even small fires contained quickly can leave behind significant fire damage restoration projects. SERVPRO offers many solutions.

Water Damage – Fort Collins Commercial Building

Water damage at large commercial sites in Fort Collins requires ample resources to mitigate. This photo shows the extent of equipment SERVPRO is able to dedicate to a commercial project.

Water Damage to a Business in Fort Collins

This small fabricating plant in Fort Collins suffered a water leak which damaged some boxed inventory on the shown shelving. A containment barrier reduced the volume of air to increase the rate of evaporation and moisture removal. This prevented the proprietor from losing important and expensive inventory. Turn to SERVPRO for any commercial mishap that occurs to your business.

Mold Damage – Fort Collins Ceiling

Mold damage resulted at this Fort Collins home when the roof developed a leak which led to the building materials becoming water logged. SERVPRO of Fort Collins was contracted to locate the source of the leak and repair it and mitigate the mold damage.

Water Backup from a Storm

The storm water prevented the drainage from functioning and the standing water accumulated on the concrete foundation pad. Extracting water and humidity from this type of situation means the installation of dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the cement (a slow process) after the removal of the pooling water from the surface.

Smoke Webs in a Denver Home

A fire fueled by plastics burns and creates smoke compounds that are ionized (electrically charged) and form these spider web looking residues. Do not be fooled; they can stain and cause a total repainting of the affected area if they are not removed professionally by our SERVPRO techni

Water Damage – Fort Collins Home

Water damage at this Fort Collins Home was due to a roof leak. SERVPRO of Fort Collins was asked to respond to this event in the middle of the night. And, of course, we did.

Mail Annex and a Storm

The muddy water covered this concrete flooring in a mailroom annex in Fort Collins. We quickly extracted the dirty, contaminated water, mopped and cleaned the tile, and then sprayed both a deodorizer and an anti-microbial product to sanitize the affected wing of this building.

Mold growth under sink.

Mold Damage – Fort Collins Bathroom

Mold damage was the result of a very minor slow dripping leak under this cabinet in a Fort Collins home. Along with the dark environment, the slow leak produced the perfect conditions for mold growth. The homeowner and insurance adjuster chose to have SERVPRO tear out the cabinet and replace it with a new cabinet and sink. We cleaned and treated the walls behind the cabinet with and antimicrobial substance to inhibit future mold growth.

Flood cuts in home.

Storm Damage – Fort Collins Home

Storm damage was suffered by this Fort Collins home when flying debris during a strong thunderstorm broke a window allowing massive amounts of rainwater to enter the interior of the home. The family was away, so the standing water in the carpeting was there long enough to require that the carpeting be removed and replaced. If storm damage impacts your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service, and we are equipped to deal with any size disaster.

Standing water in warehouse.

Commercial Water Damage – Fort Collins

Commercial water damage at this Fort Collins warehouse has affected a portion of the inventory which is sitting on pallets just above the standing water level. SERVPRO of Fort Collins was called for emergency water cleanup and to dry as much of the inventory packaging as possible.

Soot damage in laundry room.

Fire Damage – Fort Collins Laundry Room

Fire Damage at this Fort Collins home caused significant soot and smoke damage to the laundry room along with the remainder of the house. We removed the soot and smoke damage from the ceiling, the walls, cabinetry, and everything else in the laundry area. SERVPRO of Fort Collins is here to help. Call us anytime at (970) 493-9665.

Drying equipment in library.

Flood Damage to Loveland Public Library

Flood damage to the Loveland Library required rapid response time and immediate water damage repair. We were challenged to limit the absorption of moisture into the documents at the facility. SERVPRO has faced these conditions previously, and we were able to leap into action when called. The disaster was averted. Documents were saved, dollars were saved, and the work of the library resumed. If what is required is a record rapid response to water or flood damage, call SERVPRO of Fort Collins 24/7 at (970) 493-9665.

Fire Damage – Denver Kitchen

The fire damage in this Denver home began with a stove fire. While the kitchen was the most heavily damaged area of the home, smoke damage and soot spread to every room. We inventoried and then transported the contents of the house to our facility for fire restoration services. We then dealt with the water damage incurred from the firefighting effort. Much of the kitchen needed to be torn out and removed. We cleaned and treated the walls and ceilings to remove the soot and smoke damage. Air scrubbers were used to help remove the terrible lingering odor of smoke. The kitchen was totally rebuilt. Then we moved the restored contents back to the house. Finally, the family returned to familiar surroundings that were as good as new. If fire damage forces you out of your home, call SERVPRO of Fort Collins 24/7 at (970) 493-9665. WE are here to help.

Drying equipment on site.

Storm Damage Equipment

Desiccant Dehumidifier

Storm damage in Ft. Collins can require specialized equipment. SERVPRO Disaster Response Teams have been equipped with the latest methods and equipment to mitigate any disaster they encounter. If you find yourself in need of storm damage repair, call the disaster recovery professionals at SERVPRO of Fort Collins 24/7 at (970) 493-9665.

Large loss SERVPRO truck.

Commercial Water Damage Project

Here for New York

SERVPRO of Fort Collins, Disaster Recovery Team Department performed a commercial large loss water damage restoration project for Water Front New York in Manhattan, NY following Hurricane Sandy. Roughly 120,000sf of the building was flooded from the Hudson River overflowing across the street.

Mold found behind tiles in bathroom.

Home Mold Damage

We're Here to Help

Mold damage in this Estes Park home was discovered by the homeowner at the bottom of a wall tile. A mold damage assessment using thermal imaging camera technology revealed that the mold infestation was significantly more pervasive than it had originally appeared. The technology currently used in mold damage remediation provides very accurate data indicating where the damage begins and ends. The value of this data benefits the time and expense required to complete restoration. If you find mold in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Fort Collins 24/7 at (970) 493-9665.