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If Your Sink Is Leaking In Your Fort Collins Home, Our Experts Can Help!

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage If Your Sink Is Leaking In Your Fort Collins Home, Our Experts Can Help! If you are in need of water removal services, then call SERVPRO because we believe you should not have to suffer because of a small leak.

Sink Leaking In Your Fort Collins? Call SERVPRO For Comprehensive Water Removal!

Even small leaks can spell trouble for your home and can cause extensive damage if water removal services are not contacted. A leaky sink drainage pipe can quietly drip large amounts of water without being noticed until moisture penetrates your floors, walls, and cabinets. If your home experiences water damage, then call SERVPRO for professional assistance.

Our technicians have experience in water removal from households in Fort Collins, and can quickly get to work to make you feel “Like it never even happened.” We can find and seal the leak in your drainage pipe and begin pumping water from your home with the assistance of wet vacs and pumps. Dehumidifiers and air movers can then be deployed to suck excess moisture from your kitchen flooring. Typical kitchen tiling or hardwood can usually return to its normal state after drying. However, kitchen floors made of carpet or vinyl tile may have to be removed and dried before being replaced.

Leaked water can seep upwards into your walls and insulation, potentially causing irreversible damage. To prevent rotting and structural damage, our techs can remove wallpaper and drill holes in your walls to facilitate drying in your wall cavities. Air movers and dehumidifiers can, once again, be used to draw excess moisture from your walls and insulation. Unfortunately, non-fiberglass insulation may have to be removed in replaced after absorbing water as it can lose fire resistance after water exposure.

Cabinets near your sink can experience the worst effects of leaks. Professionals from SERVPRO can wet your cabinets to prevent the formation of water lines as they dry. Cabinets severely affected by water can warp and swell, increasing the risk of cracking, and a furnisher may be needed to discuss repair options for physically damaged cabinets.

If you are in need of water removal services, then call SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 because we believe you should not have to suffer because of a small leak.

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Why Quick Flood Water Removal is Necessary for Homes in Fort Collins

5/6/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Why Quick Flood Water Removal is Necessary for Homes in Fort Collins If it dried quicky, floodwaters can damage building structures and become a habitat for mold.

What Happens Without Fast Flood Water Removal in Fort Collins?

You should always prioritize finding a fast flood water removal service like SERVPRO to help after flood damage your home. Without immediate attention from professional damage mitigation technicians, costly consequences and complications can start to arise in your home. We respond Faster to Any Size Disaster to make sure that all of our customers receive the most high quality and cost-effective damage mitigation and restoration service possible. Without our 24/7 readiness and ability to get people on the job site within four hours of an initial call, we would have to contend with these problems much more often.

Structural Damage

Without immediate flood water removal, homes in Fort Collins can sometimes see significant structural damage occur to the foundations and building materials of their home. Water naturally degrades most construction materials with long-term exposure, but in the colder months of the year, a much stronger threat may damage your home. As temperatures drop overnight and water starts to freeze, any moisture soaked into the microscopic cracks and crevices of your home can begin to expand, potentially causing significant permanent damage.

Mold Growth

Mold and other fungi can start to proliferate after a flood hits your home. Removing flood waters and any excess moisture from your home cuts off any potential infestations before they can even begin to grow and spread. SERVPRO technicians are also trained to identify and take care of fungal growth early in a colony's life cycle, thereby preventing most potential damages.

Spreading Moisture

The longer flood water remains in your home without professional removal work, the more likely it is that moisture spreads to nearby rooms and areas in the building. We can help to combat these effects by implementing rapid and thorough drying processes and monitoring nearby areas with digital moisture detection tools that help us determine when a problem may be likely to form.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help you to recover faster and easier from the effects of flood damage in your home. Call us 24/7 at (970) 493-6335.

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Our Fast Response Can Restore Your Fort Collins Commercial Property To Pre-Damage Condition

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Fast Response Can Restore Your Fort Collins Commercial Property To Pre-Damage Condition Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 to mitigate your fire loss and make it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Fire Damage In Fort Collins Requires Fast Action To Minimize Loss

When you have commercial fire damage in a retail store, the key to lessening the loss is to get professional help for the cleanup as soon as possible after the event. We understand that when your business cannot be open, it causes hardship and our staff works as quickly as possible to get your business back on track.

Commercial fire damage in a Fort Collins retail store often has multiple layers for our technicians to address. First, there is the fire damage, then residue from a fire extinguisher, and finally odor left behind. When a fire is limited to a single area, our technicians quickly contain it upon arrival to stop cross-contamination and the spread of foul odors.

Charred building materials and unrestorable contents are removed. They bring nothing but odors. SERVPRO technicians then carefully remove the fire extinguisher residue with handheld vacuums with HEPA filtration attached. This is a fine powdery substance that can spread odors if it is not picked up quickly.

Our technicians hand clean all surfaces and non-porous contents with our EPA-registered solutions to remove all traces of soot, smoke residue and eliminate odors. Often this is enough to neutralize odors left behind by a fire. Smoke can penetrate porous objects deeply and sometimes more robust odor elimination methods are necessary. We are certified in odor control, and sometimes applications of one or more techniques are required to neutralize lingering odors left behind by a fire entirely.

One go-to method for neutralizing deeply rooted fire odors is thermal fogging. It uses a solvent that is heated and delivered as a fog. It behaves much like smoke and is very useful for the elimination of odors that have penetrated upholstery, window treatments or carpeting. Our goal is to get your store reopened as quickly as possible, looking like new with no reminders of the fire.

If commercial fire damage has happened to your property, contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 immediately. Our emergency response teams are available 24/7 to mitigate your fire loss and make it “Like it never even happened.”

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How Professionals Remove Smoke and Fire Odors in Fort Collins

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Professionals Remove Smoke and Fire Odors in Fort Collins Smoke leaves stains and odors. Trust the SERVPRO Brand to keep your home smelling fresh and odor free.

Controlling Odors from Fire, Smoke, and Cooking in a Fort Collins Residence

Everyday cooking can leave a kitchen in Fort Collins with delicious smells that entice the family with fresh meals and a relaxed evening. More oppressive smells, however, from fish, deep frying, or heavier scents from more acidic meals like sauerkraut can become embedded in the materials in the home. 

SERVPRO technicians can help you control these odors and others, including those from fire and smoke in Fort Collins. We use different techniques that address the diverse ways that odors can become a part of any house. Some odors develop quickly, such as those from a fire, while others take time to become 'stuck' to the interior of a home. 

Your family detects odors in the air because particles break free from the surfaces as they slowly disintegrate and end up in the air. SERVPRO fights odors at the source, as well as in the air. Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers use a cold mist to rid your home of these odors, so your family no longer finds them a nuisance. We use our in-house agents that bond with the substances that cause unwanted odors, leaving your home protected from these scents for extended periods. 

Additional methods implemented by SERVPRO odor control specialists include physical removal of the deposits. Soot comes off surfaces with specially designed sponges. These sponges work efficiently at bringing out the details in wood trim and other architectural details of your home after becoming covered in soot. Fires may seem small, but the amount of soot they release can cover much larger areas in a home, including in rooms that remained untouched by the fire. 

For homeowners who previously smoked cigarettes, breathing fresh air often brings about the revelation of how heavy an odor smoking can cause inside a residence. Nicotine stains can show up because of the contrast between exposed walls and the areas behind wall hangings. We can help remove the scent and the visible dulling caused by this, also. 

No matter the reason for unwanted odors from fire or smoke damage inside your home, SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help freshen up your home and make it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (970) 493-6335 to reach our 24-hour services line, any day of the year.

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We Can Restore Your Fort Collins Commercial Property To Pre-Damage Condition

4/6/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial We Can Restore Your Fort Collins Commercial Property To Pre-Damage Condition Reach out to us by dialing (970) 493-6335 as soon as the fire is out so we can prevent additional damage from occurring.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration for Your Fort Collins Business

There is nothing more devastating to your dry-cleaning business in Fort Collins then a fire going through and destroying all that you have worked so hard to build. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on ways to keep your business and employees protected and safe. There are procedures you can take to help protect your business from fire.

It should be comforting to know that if you do experience a fire and commercial fire damage in your Fort Collins business, SERVPRO can help you restore your structure to the way it was. We are a professionally trained and experienced remediation company, and we do not waste time in restore and cleaning your building after a fire so you can open your doors to the public again.

Our goal in restoring your property is first to secure it to stop any more damage from occurring. Cleaning your structure focuses on removing the smoke residues and deodorizing odors that are given off by those residues. It does no good for SERVPRO techs to repair the damage from the fire and not get rid of the odors left behind from the smoke. Lingering smells are not something you want your customers to be greeted by when bringing their clothes to be cleaned.

The initial step to protecting your business from fire is to ensure you have the right equipment. Fire alarm systems, a fire sprinkler service, and essential contact information are vital things to have. You also need to have fire extinguishers available and a safety plan in place in case of the need for evacuation. You should keep track of your inventory as well. In case of a fire, you need to know everything that you lost for insurance reasons.

Have your building assessed for fire hazards. You can reach out to a fire marshal to come and inspect your location for more peace of mind. Make certain your employees know to call 911 in case of an emergency. Doing monthly drills, so everyone knows how to exit the building in an emergency is a good idea as well. Teach them how to use the fire sprinkler service and fire alarm designs.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can thoroughly clean and restore your damaged business after a fire. Reach out to us by dialing (970) 493-6335 as soon as the fire is out so we can prevent additional damage from occurring.

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Fort Collins Fire and Smoke Damage! Yikes! Call SERVPRO

3/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Fort Collins Fire and Smoke Damage! Yikes! Call SERVPRO SERVPRO Says Electrical Overloads Can Burn Your Fort Collins Home

Why SERVPRO is the Right Choice for Fire Damage Remediation in Your Fort Collins Home

Homeowners in Fort Collins can sometimes take electricity for granted. There are so many electric devices we use in our homes today, that it might be a surprise when you have an electric overload. They can, unfortunately, happen, however, and even though there are precautions like fuses and circuit breakers to keep these overloads from starting a fire, there are some things you can also do to help prevent it from happening in the first place.
If an electrical overload has left fire damage in your Fort Collins home, you need the professional assistance of a remediation company. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained and experienced in cleaning up damages from fire, including smoke and soot and we work quickly so you can get your life back in order. Therefore, it is easy to see why SERVPRO is the right choice for your remediation needs.
When the current of electricity going through a circuit is too much for it to handle, an electrical overload can happen. Usually, it occurs when you have too many devices plugged into a single circuit, but it can happen with older homes if you are trying to run an appliance that uses much energy. When the circuit overloads, it trips a breaker or blows a fuse. These are safeguards to stop your system from overheating and causing severe damage. However, they can malfunction, spark and create a blaze.
To avoid overload, knowing the amperage of your fuses or circuit breakers is a must. They should only be loaded to eighty percent of their amperage rating, and if you have a breaker that keeps tripping, you are going past this eighty percent. SERVPRO believes in providing information to our neighbors to always prevent fires and water damage. We live here, too.
When you call us for help because of a fire from an overload, our first step is to assess the damages. Even a small blaze produces acidic smoke and soot that needs to be cleaned up. Depending on how much smoke damage there is, there are various methods we can use to clean up the surrounding walls and ceiling.
Dry cleaning for ceilings with light-to-medium soiling that is non-grease based can be used, and the dry cleaning sponge is also utilized to pre-clean excess soils before we wet clean. Wet cleaning is used on metal, painted, or wood with heavy dry ash or soot residue or oil-based residues that are light to heavy. Alternatively, peroxide active cleaning can be used on acoustical or other porous and nonporous surfaces, especially if they have heavy soiling.  The always standing by HEPA filtered vacuums do a great job of suctioning up loose particles on surfaces.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins can assist you in restoring your home in Fort Collins or the surrounding areas after fire damage from a circuit overload. Reach out to us at (970) 493-6335 as soon as the flames are out; so we can get to you before the settled soot does more damage.

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Our Specialists Can Restore Your Home In Fort Collins After A Fire

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Specialists Can Restore Your Home In Fort Collins After A Fire We have the tools and training available to handle anything from the smallest kitchen fire to a large house fire.

Stop Fire Damage In Fort Collins Before It Can Happen

Regardless of whether your home in Fort Collins has never had fire damage or if you are recovering from a recent incident, fire safety measures are the most crucial element in keeping your home protected against any future problems. While modern homes are built to much better standards than in years past in regards to evacuation routes and availability of fire extinguishers, most homes in local neighborhoods are still constructed from timber and other flammable materials. However, with some simple measures, you can both significantly lower the chance of your home getting caught in a fire and ensure your safety if the worst happens.

Fire Extinguisher Readiness
Having a fire extinguisher ready and available at critical points in the building can make the difference between controlled and uncontrolled fire damage in your Fort Collins home. Smaller fires that get extinguished quickly still cause damages that often require the help of a specialist restoration service like SERVPRO, but more massive blazes can take drastically increased time and resources to clean up after. You should also make certain that your fire extinguishers get checked and tested on a semi-regular basis, and that they utilize materials such as dry powder that present fewer safety hazards than water or CO2-based extinguishers.

Have an Escape Plan
While fire drills at your workplace may seem irritating and intrusive, they serve a vital purpose in helping you understand where you're relative to a safe exit. You should have a similar plan prepared for your home that helps to determine which exits are closest to individual rooms and spaces.

Observe Fire Safety Practices
Although these changes might be a bit more difficult for some people to make, they can help stop some of the most common causes and situations for fire damage that we see day-to-day. Candles, fireplaces, and cooking surfaces should be kept off when they are not directly observed, even if they are normally kept away from flammable materials. Anything in your home that produces heat may someday cause a fire, so be sure to keep up on routine maintenance and watch for potential warning signs.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help you to recover from the effects of a fire. We have the tools and training available to handle anything from the smallest kitchen fire to a large house fire. Call us at (970) 493-6335.

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The Answer To Fire Damage In The Fort Collins Area

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO The Answer To Fire Damage In The Fort Collins Area SERVPRO TIP--Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy at Your Fort Collins Property

Call SERVPRO for Advice and Cleanup After a Fire

Even though you cannot control when or where a fire happens, you can have the right tools in place to limit your losses and escape many of the dangers that often accompany fires on your property.  

Experiencing fire damage in your Fort Collins home can be devastating, or you can make the proper preparations and planning to see your family through tough times, should something like this occur. It is far better to prepare than to be caught off-guard.
By installing smoke detectors on every floor, in every room, you ensure your safety. These small, inexpensive devices provide you with a very effective early warning system that helps both you and your family prevent major losses during an emergency.
You can follow up by checking electrical systems in your home, ensuring that the coffee maker, computer, radio, television and other devices receive the proper attention to avoid overloading circuits or problems concerning faulting wiring in older equipment.  
Always keep a fire extinguisher or two on hand. In case you experience a manageable fire, you want to have the proper tools available to handle the situation correctly. You should also check your storage habits, keeping flammable materials away from fuels or other accelerants that can cause severe problems.

Do you understand what to do if a major fire breaks out in your home? After? It never hurts to put together an escape plan, having one ready ensures that everyone in your family understands what to do, and where to go during an emergency, you can never prepare too much.
Before a fire occurs on your property, take the time to develop a relationship with your local SERVPRO. We can inspect your home, locate hidden dangers, and give you recommendations to protect your home that you might not even think of on your own.  
SERVPRO offers access to expertly trained technicians with years of experience performing fire damage restoration for customers just like you. We have IICRC certification, industrial-grade equipment, and 24-hour emergency services available throughout the area.
SERVPRO technicians treat each customer with the respect and courtesy they deserve, provide you with results that often exceed your expectations, and help return your home to a quality pre-damage condition making damage appear, “Like it never even happened.”
Contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins for additional information or to begin your fire damage restoration today. (970) 493-6335

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Professional Mold Damage Remediation Services Available in Fort Collins

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Professional Mold Damage Remediation Services Available in Fort Collins Let the IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO remediate your mold damage properly and thoroughly.

Mold damage remediation requires experienced technicians and professional equipment 

Having mold damage in your Fort Collins home is bad enough, the unsightly appearance and smell that go along with it make your happy home look like more of a dump. We understand that you want to get things back to normal quickly and are here to help you do just that.

Once mold damage establishes itself in your Fort Collins area home, it can spread rapidly, taking as little as 24-hours to become a major problem that no one wants to deal with alone. Sure, it is entirely possible for you to tackle small amounts of mold growth, but do you know enough to handle things safely?

Some people spend their money testing mold to figure out which species invaded their home, when in fact any amount or type of mold can prove harmful if exposed for too long. So, avoid getting caught up in the hoopla revolving around testing mold found in your home, they hold no more than small entertainment value and are a waste of your money otherwise.

What you need to concentrate on, is that if you live in a contaminated environment for extended periods, a variety of health effects can develop. You want to get qualified help at the first signs of mold in your home, waiting just makes the problem worse. The professionals from SERVPRO are just a phone call away, making it possible to get quality results, quickly. 

In most cases, mold problems are impossible for homeowners to take care of on their own. The harder you try, the more your home becomes exposed. It requires professional mold remediation services from a company like SERVPRO to get a handle on things and return your home to normal. We have the experienced personnel, equipment, and resources available to take control of your problem fast.

SERVPRO technicians care about your environment and provide you with a full-service solution to mold problems you experience on your property. You can benefit from the advances in the methodology used to control mold found in your home; quality professionals are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Call SERVPRO of Fort Collins for access to IICRC-industry certified technicians, today. (970) 493-6335

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Our Water Damage Specialists Will Restore Your Fort Collins Home To Pre-Damage Condition

3/7/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Our Water Damage Specialists Will Restore Your Fort Collins Home To Pre-Damage Condition SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help you to clean up and repair damages after a flood or leak in your home.

Keeping You In Mind During Water Cleanup In Fort Collins

Sometimes, water cleanup in Fort Collins can be just too much for you to handle on your own. Fast drying and careful management of soaked materials may be essential to prevent permanent damage from taking hold in your home. To avoid a much larger restoration project in the future that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and materials, you should consider hiring a professional water cleanup company like SERVPRO to come and investigate the situation and, if necessary, implement professional drying and damage prevention techniques to prevent more serious issues from arising.

How We Can Help
From small leaks to massive floods, homeowners nationwide in communities like Fort Collins that need water cleanup services trust SERVPRO to bring fast, inexpensive, and custom-tailored drying solutions to their homes within hours of their initial calls. We respond quickly, bring our best equipment and personnel, and know how to set up efficient drying and damage mitigating processes in your home that remove water in hours to days, depending on the extent and severity of the problem.

Keeping Costs Low
Our strategies revolve around cost-saving measures that keep us from over-reacting to what may be a relatively minor issue. While we may stock industrial air movers and dehumidifiers that can dry out an entire warehouse within hours, those machines are not always necessary for our work in a home. We bring the heavy-duty stuff when we need to, but otherwise, try to handle matters without investing too many resources and racking up expenses.

“Like it never even happened.”
Our technicians strive to leave your home looking as though a water damage incident never even happened. We carefully analyze the room and environment and do our best to accurately replicate the area's appearance from before the water damage hit. In some cases, our technicians may find it easier to add in some minor renovations during our restoration process, but we always ask you for permission before making any visible changes.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help you to clean up and repair damages after a flood or leak in your home. Call us at (970) 493-6335.

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