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A Local Restoration Company Helps Prevent Fire Damage In Kitchens Throughout Fort Collins

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage A Local Restoration Company Helps Prevent Fire Damage In Kitchens Throughout Fort Collins A massive 48% of all home fires begin in the kitchen.

Prevent Fire Damage In Kitchens

There were over 360,000 fires last year, for every five of those fires, three ended in death. A large percentage of fires that occur in homes lead to catastrophic damage to your home or injury to family members. A massive 48% of all home fires begin in the kitchen.

Does that surprise you? The truth is that the more comfortable you become with your surroundings, the more likely accidents happen. A majority of fire damage reported in the Fort Collins area directly relates to the age and attention given to maintenance or preparations made to protect your home against fire damage correctly.

Properly maintaining the cooking equipment, that you use in your home can help prevent structural fires, injuries, and death. Often enough, we clean the stove top or oven with cleaning supplies purchased at a local grocery store. However, over time, a variety of residues build up in areas under, behind, or between cabinets, countertops, and even hood vents that are extremely flammable. A single situation that involves flames reaching one of these areas can produce a fire that rages out of control, damaging your entire property. Think about how much damage a single fire can do. If the flames themselves fail to reach a large area, the smoke and soot residues definitely will.

When you talk to others about a restoration company, you discuss services that help return things to normal after a disastrous event happens in your home. However, a company, like SERVPRO can give you helpful hints about how to protect your home and often make suggestions that prevent damages from occurring at all. You may be surprised by the level of detail put into the services provided by SERVPRO technicians. We have more than a few years of experience helping customers prepare their homes for fire. Giving homeowners access to all of the equipment and personnel necessary to battle emergencies that occur and genuinely care about your safety.

The staff at SERVPRO of Fort Collins makes every effort to provide you with the services you need to protect your home against fire and smoke damage while giving you the comfort and caring atmosphere for a successful restoration. Give us a call today (970) 493-6335.

SERVPRO Has the Equipment to Assess Mold Damage in Your Fort Collins Home

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO Has the Equipment to Assess Mold Damage in Your Fort Collins Home Call SERVPRO today to investigate your mold damage.

Proper Mold Assessment Leads to Thorough Remediation

Mold is a serious concern for any homeowner. Mold damages both your belongings and the structure of your home and can also cause health issues. In addition, mold looks unsightly and frequently has a musty and unpleasant smell. That is why SERVPRO recommends treating mold early and quickly for the best chance of remediation.
There are many causes of mold damage in your Fort Collins home. Mold sometimes grows in the aftermath of a flood or leak that caused your home and possessions to become damp. Humidity and condensation in your house also cause mold, which means that damp or humid rooms such as the bathroom or laundry room are especially susceptible.
The first step in mold remediation is assessing the extent of the problem. Our IICRC-certified teams come equipped to test your home for moisture using professional, reliable equipment. For example, our teams often use thermal hygrometers. The hygrometer measures the resistance or capacitance of the air and uses the reading to calculate how much moisture is present in the air. More moisture equals more humidity and more of a breeding ground for mold spores.
SERVPRO teams are equipped with infrared cameras. Damp patches are not always visible to the naked eye, but infrared cameras make them visible. The camera detects the heat signature of each area. Damp material is usually cooler than surrounding material. Infrared pictures show these differences in temperature, so our technicians know which areas are most affected. Using infrared technology gives our teams a thorough overview of which areas are the dampest. Damper areas have a greater risk of mold issues.
Our professional teams use the initial assessment information to determine the extent of the mold damage in your house. Then, we put together a mold remediation plan to suit your particular home and circumstances. This typically includes disposing of any damaged items that cannot be cleaned and sealing off mold damaged areas to prevent the spread of airborne spores.
Once the mold is contained as much as possible, our teams set to work thoroughly cleaning the mold from your home. We train our technicians to choose the methods and products that are best suited to your unique situation.
If you have mold damage in your Fort Collins home, SERVPRO of Fort Collins is here to help. Call today at (970) 493-6335 for assistance.

Commercial Fire Damage, A Devastating Event For Pool And Patio Businesses In Fort Collins

3/18/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Fire Damage, A Devastating Event For Pool And Patio Businesses In Fort Collins Even a small fire can significantly impact the items held in inventory, even if the fire never directly impacts the items.

Commercial Fire Damage

Most pool and patio businesses retain a large number of stock items in anticipation of the summer season. Even a small fire can significantly impact the items held in inventory, even if the fire never directly impacts the items. Because most pool and patio merchandise are made mostly of plastic, heat alone can be sufficient enough to destroy a business's inventory.

Fort Collins businesses that hold inventory in a warehouse can sustain significant losses when commercial fire damage is the cause at any degree. Plastics are used in not only the products themselves but also in protective packaging. Dust covers, label enclosures and envelopes, and cable ties are all adversely affected by the heat generated by fires. Pool liners, patio chairs, beach toys, and much more are made from various plastics or rubber components.

When plastics melt, they give off poisonous fumes. Melted plastic can also adhere to anything it drips onto, often destroying other plastics below it. However, many of these items can be salvaged. SERVPRO professionals can help recover as much as possible in situations such as fire damage. For metal items that have melted plastic adhered to them, we can remove the offending material carefully, so as to not damage any finishes, labels, or decals.

When recovery efforts are not completely successful and result in damaged products, or is only partially successful, we can make a note of this on our inventory sheets. These can be helpful in recovering financially from the devastation a fire can impose on any business. Inventory that is only partially damaged can often be sold at a reduced price, further reducing profit loss. We can salvage as much inventory as possible when melted plastics are involved.

Cleanup of your building can be carried out at the same time, reducing the time your business is closed. Floors often have the majority of ash, soot, and melted remains of products, with walls and ceilings also showing the effects of the fire and smoke. Cleaning these areas of your building, as well as display units, shelving, and other items you need to get back to business is what we are here to do.

Whenever fire damage affects your pool and patio business, let SERVPRO of Fort Collins help. Contact us at (970) 493-6335 day or night so we can help you recover quickly and reopen your business.

How to Deal with Wet Carpets after Water Damage in Ft. Collins

3/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Deal with Wet Carpets after Water Damage in Ft. Collins SERVPRO Helps Ft. Collins Wet Carpets

Ft. Collins Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damaged Carpets

When a kitchen appliance breaks down and floods the ground floor or a pipe cracks and leaks water, a fast response is needed. Residential water damage is very common, but it can escalate quickly, so speed is of the essence.

It applies in particular to fabrics and soft items. Furniture and carpets are often the most damaged objects after a flood because they soak up water so easily. The good news is that we can rescue these materials, as long as the water damage in your Ft. Collins home is ‘clean.’

Clean water is a liquid that is from an uncompromised source; a drinking supply, a household appliance (when not used with chemicals), or rainwater. If it gets into carpets, the IICRC certified experts at SERVPRO know just how to fix it.

The Drying Method
There are three ways to dry a water damaged carpet – in place, partially lifted, or fully lifted. The technique used in your home depends on the degree of water intrusion. In the case of mild flooding, only the top fibers are wet, and the carpet remains in place.

Lifting equipment gets used when there is a high chance of water damage to the under flooring as well. The top fibers can be dried out with dehumidifiers (which extract water vapor from the material), but the subfloor is closer to the ground and less accessible.

At SERVPRO, we normally lift (float)the carpet a few inches off the ground and suspend there. It allows the technicians to place portable fans and air movers underneath. They direct the clean, dry air from the dehumidifiers beneath the carpet and speed up the drying process.

The Repair Process
In some cases, the water causes the backing of the carpet to come loose. It is something that we may be able to fix if the problem is limited to small sections of the floor. If the structure of the carpet is in an extremely unsuitable condition, we would advise a full replacement.

Natural fibers usually respond very well to drying, as long as dehumidifiers get set up quickly. However, if the water intrusion originated from a ‘black’ source (containing sewage or chemicals), there is no chance of repair. It is not safe to retain the flooring, and it requires removal, but this is a relatively uncommon situation.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is a local water damage cleanup and repair service. We help homeowners in the Ft. Collins region to restore their properties after flooding and residential leaks. Our repairs are fast, effective, and leave homes spotless. Call us 24/7 at (970) 493-6335.

Responding To Flood Damage In Fort Collins With Fast, Effective Solutions

2/17/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Responding To Flood Damage In Fort Collins With Fast, Effective Solutions Flooding and water intrusion requires gradual treatment.

Responding To Flood Damage

At SERVPRO, we are keen to remind our customers that flood damage repair is a unique process. There is no ‘one fits all’ approach because every situation is different. Every home has strengths and weaknesses, and these are what we consider when deciding on the best way to carry out repairs.

However, there are some steps which are common to all cases of flood damage in Fort Collins. These are the rigorous checks and inspections; the quality controls which we put in place to ensure a successful result. So, there are some stages of the restoration which you can expect to see if you call SERVPRO for help. Keep reading to find out why we use these measures and what they mean for your home.

Immediate Protection
After determining the severity of the water intrusion, the first thing that our technicians do is identify items which need immediate protection. They focus on objects which may still be undamaged (electronics, toys, furniture, appliances, etc.), rather than materials which are already wet. Sometimes, they cover these items with protective plastic to safeguard against contact with moisture. If possible, they may remove them from the building and take them to a specialist holding facility. The aim is to identify the potential for damage quickly and prevent it from occurring.

Activation Of Site Assets
The next stage is working out what kind of drying assets you already have in your home. Undamaged exhaust vents, HVAC ducts, and ceiling fans can all be used to bring humidity levels back under control. If you do not have any of these things or they have become compromised due to water intrusion, we may consider bringing in a larger number of drying machines.

Establishing Drying Goals
The best way to ensure that a restoration is successful is to create a comprehensive drying plan. Flooding and water intrusion requires gradual treatment. The technicians must create optimal atmospheric conditions, and if they work too fast or slow, their ability to do this may be impaired. It is why consistent monitoring is such a big part of flood damage restoration. The SERVPRO team needs unhindered access to the affected area so that they can regularly check conditions. If the levels of humidity and surplus moisture do not present as predicted after the first 48 hours, the arrangement of dehumidifiers and air movers requires adjustment.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins approaches every restoration job with the same commitment and precision. We want you to understand the flood damage repair process and what it means for the future of your home. If there are items that we cannot salvage, our technicians always take the time to explain why this is the case. Call us 24/7 on (970) 493-6335 for fast, local repairs.

Storm Damage Can Create Chaos For Outside Structures In Ft. Collins

2/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage Can Create Chaos For Outside Structures In Ft. Collins In Fort Collins, the typical storm can damage your home in a matter of minutes.

Storm Damage

Comforting your children and assuring them that everything is going to be okay when a storm hits the area you live in is part of most parents' job. Finding out when the storm has passed that there is lots of damage to the exterior of your home is one of any homeowner's worst discoveries. When you find that your old tree is lying across your carport, garage, or your home's roof, you need to act fast so that everything is fine again.

In Fort Collins, the typical storm can damage your home in a matter of minutes. When storms are not so severe, they can still cause damage. SERVPRO can help you with the repairs needed for both kinds of storm. Smaller storms are also capable of creating problems for outbuildings, gazebos, and even children's clubhouses, both on the ground and in your backyard tree. Most of this type of damage is wind-related.

Cleaning up the debris carried in by strong storms, including those storms that are more wind than rain, is also part of our services. We work hard to ensure that your home not only looks clean and beautiful again but that it is also a safe place, inside and out in the yard. Our experts will inspect your outdoor structures for damage, repair what we find and restore your outdoor living space.

We know that every part of your home is important to you and that all work must be done to reflect how you, the customer, wants it to be. It is your home and your castle. It is more than a house to you. It is the basis of your family's security. Calling SERVPRO of Fort Collins at (970) 493-6335 can help you continue providing that sense of safety to your family again. We can respond within an hour after your call, which can be made whenever you have an emergency, even on weekends and the middle of the night.

Water Removal After a Flood or Mishap to Reduce Damage to Your Fort Collins Property

1/16/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal After a Flood or Mishap to Reduce Damage to Your Fort Collins Property Fort Collins Water Damage from Moisture Can Be On-Going without Dehumidifying

SERVPRO Provides a Professional Approach toWater Extraction from Your Home

No matter if you live in a house, a ground-floor apartment or condo, the threat of a flood affects everyone. The excellent way to reduce the damaging effects of flooding is to get rid of the water as soon as possible.

When it comes to water removal in your Fort Collins home, you need a professional restoration company. SERVPRO understands that time is against you, which is why we maintain a 24-hour response team. Once you call us, we quickly arrive to assess the situation and begin to work within minutes.

Our technicians start by pumping out all standing water. This extraction means the water that is covering surfaces, whether furnishings or floorings. The size of the home dictates our methods of removal; we use a variety of commercial grade pumps that can empty out even a 5 bedroom home in just a few hours. If the electrical system has been knocked out by the flood, we also have generators and generator trucks to provide uninterrupted power until the job is done.

Next, the response team removes your belongings and then the water you cannot see. There are gallons of water trapped in carpets and wood flooring that has to be removed; it will not air dry before mold starts to grow. We use water extraction wands that are designed to draw it out without causing damage. The type of carpet, its nap, and composition, determine the techniques. We may be able to dry the pad underneath, but it may be necessary to pull it up to dry it completely.

After the bulk of the water is removed, technicians can use moisture meters to check the humidity level. A level higher than about 10 to 12 percent is too much after a flooding or exposure to large quantities of standing water. Air movers also set, greatly enhance the circulation of the moist air. The technicians can place dehumidifiers to draw water from the surrounding air then lowering the moisture level to under 12 percent. This action not only finishes removing excess water, but it also prevents mold spores from expanding and growing into a colony.

Upon completion, we remove our equipment and perform a walk-through with you. A technician can explain every step and show you all test results. If you are satisfied, then we can help you move your belongings back into your home.

SERVPRO of Fort Collins is here to help you through what could be one of the worst days of your life. If you need our assistance with flooding or another disaster, call us today at (970) 493-6335.

What to Do If Smoke Damage in Your Fort Collins Home Damages the Attic or Rafters

1/6/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What to Do If Smoke Damage in Your Fort Collins Home Damages the Attic or Rafters Adding a new layer of clean insulation in your attic is recommended as part of the cleaning process and can also add value to your home.

Restoring an Attic After Fire Damage is a Multi-step Process

When dealing with a case of fire or smoke damage, the technicians at SERVPRO start by removing all of the charred materials that they can see. This is an obvious first step, because burnt furniture, toys, wood, and soft fabrics carry acrid, lingering odors.

Once they are removed and disposed of (or professionally cleaned), the house will smell less unpleasant. This is not the end of the story, however, because smoke damage in Fort Collins properties can present a number of challenges. Odor is one of the biggest problems and eliminating it, after a domestic fire, often requires specialist equipment.

It can be particularly difficult to remove smoke odors from confined spaces like the attic. This guide to fire repair and remediation at SERVPRO will tell you a little about how we do it.

Restoring the Attic

Ultimately, your attic has the same chance of being salvaged, after a fire, as any other part of your house. Whether or not we can save it depends entirely on the severity of the crisis. If it originally broke out on a downstairs level and was put out quickly, there’s unlikely to be any structural damage. So, we can focus on cleaning the air and getting rid of unpleasant smells.

The first step is still to remove the contents of the attic. This is an important process because it allows the SERVPRO technicians to determine whether smoke odors are coming from the rafters and insulation. Once the space is empty, we can inspect the insulation to see how far the smoke has penetrated. Some sections may need to be replaced.

Deodorizing the Insulation

If the level of smoke penetration is modest, we can clean and ventilate the insulation by spraying a water based counteractant. This is a chemical which reacts with the smoke particles in the atmosphere and neutralizes lingering odors. Usually, in the case of fire, it is applied as a mist or fog. This enables the neutralizing particles to penetrate the insulation.

We may recommend that a new, clean layer of insulation be placed over the old one. It is a quick and easy job, but it effectively hides black spots and soot patches. It will lock away any last vestiges of bad odor and actually add to the value of your home. Insulation is a sought after feature in domestic properties, so this is one repair which promises to give back.

At SERVPRO of Fort Collins, no fire is too challenging. If you are dealing with the aftermath of fire and smoke damage, you can get in touch with our team. We will arrive on site quickly and carry out fast, efficient repairs. Call us 24/7 on (970) 493-6335.

Winter Water Damage from Snow in Fort Collins

12/15/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Winter Water Damage from Snow in Fort Collins Avoid Ice Dams and Avoid Water Damage to Your Fort Collins Roof

Do Not Allow Ice and Snow to Damage Your Roof and Structure, Be Prepared

With winter well underway across Larimer County and most of Colorado, most homeowners have once again grown accustomed to the familiar sight of snowfall. Snow can be a pesky intrusion on our daily lives, blocking roads, sidewalks, and bunching up on rooftops, but one of its most unexpected consequences is often its most costly one: serious water damage. Snow can cause significant damage even to homes that are used to its qualities, as melting and packing create unexpected issues seemingly out of the blue.
Snowmelt Damage
When the snow melts quickly, it can cause a lot of water damage to Fort Collins homes. Although most homes have gabled roofs designed to prevent significant damage from melting snow, no building can truly be safe from it, and there is always a chance of a roof leak or unnoticed entryway through which water can drip down and begin to cause problems. Melting snow can also create mild flood-like conditions in some cases, potentially creating standing water in or outside a structure. SERVPRO stays updated on weather forecasts to be aware of upcoming temperature swings, as these often preclude a number of snowmelt-related issues.
Ice Damage and Ice Damming
On the opposite end of the spectrum, snow and water freezing into solid ice can also cause a range of problems. Ice is a safety hazard, and many injuries are sustained every year from slips and falls on it. In places such as a garage or front porch, the icy ground can create a serious hazard. Ice can also severely injure your home, as water works its way into cracks and small spaces and then freezes solid, expanding outwards. When water freezes, its expansion carries enough force to break apart bricks, stone, and even boulders, and every year some homeowners awake to find massive cracks in their driveways and stone walls due to ice. When the snow melts and refreezes quickly on the roof due to inadequate attic insulation, the blockage of water flow can cause havoc with the gutters, fascias, attic lumber and house siding. Of course, another time for how to prevent frozen pipes and the ensuing chaos.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins is a local resource, well-versed in the techniques and specifics of wintertime water damage. Call us at (970) 493-6335 for our restoration services.

SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation for Your Fort Collins Property

11/26/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO Mold Damage Remediation for Your Fort Collins Property Mold Remediation in Fort Collins Is Essential

Structures Get Safe Treatment with Professional Remediation for Mold

When it comes to finding and eliminating mold you, the homeowner, are our best, initial source of information. Before we set up a single fan or other pieces of restoration equipment, we have to run a checklist with you.

Preventing mold damage means we need to know when it was first noticed and where it was seen (or smelled) in your Fort Collins home is very important. It provides our SERVPRO inspectors with a starting point to determine just how far mold may have grown and help us trace it to the source of infestation. These are the questions we need to ask you after setting foot in your home.
1. Have you seen any mold contamination in your home? Basements and laundry rooms are common places to find it.
2. Have you smelled a strong musty odor anywhere in your home?
3. Have you had a previous problem with mold? Let us know, regardless how minor you think it may have been.
4. Have you had any recent water damage? How long ago was it and where?
5. Have you seen mold in your HVAC system? Is the smell of mold stronger near one of the vents or registers?

If you said yes to even one of those questions, our inspector would get started immediately. We have special meters designed to measure mold levels in the surrounding air; they allow us to pinpoint the source of the mold better and accurately measure how far the infestation may have spread.
With that information, our restoration and repair crews move to isolate the room or area affected. If your HVAC has been determined to have safe levels of mold, the first step they will take is to seal it off. This not only protects the system, but also prevents mold spreading to other rooms in your home if it is accidentally turned on.
To further protect your home, we will deploy a set of exhaust fans in the affected area. This allows us to blow mold spores out of the area while technicians clean and remove the infestation using commercial cleaners and anti-fungal agents to kill every spore they can reach.

This area of Colorado is an amazing place to live. There's no reason for mold to affect that. While an infestation can cause a problem, SERVPRO of Fort Collins can help you stop it before it can damage your home. If you suspect or smell a problem brewing, call us today at (970) 493-6335.