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PPE Is Important When Fighting Mold Damage in Fort Collins

10/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation PPE Is Important When Fighting Mold Damage in Fort Collins Don't let mold infest your Fort Collins home. Call our SERVPRO team today!

When Tackling Mold Damage in Fort Collins, PPE is Crucial 

Personal Protective Equipment is an important part of every mold remediation job in Fort Collins. Mold removal can be extremely dirty, tedious, and even dangerous, especially if you are not wearing the right PPE. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to hire an experienced mold remediation company to treat mold damage in your home.

At SERVPRO, we have a long history dealing with mold damage in Fort Collins and can dispatch our technicians anytime you have an emergency. Our techniques and equipment are up to date with IICRC guidelines, ensuring that every restoration process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Mold is everywhere -- outside on rotting plants, wood, and soil, and inside on wallpaper, drywall, carpet, and insulation. Personal protective equipment for mold damage restoration is necessary because the process of cleaning up the fungus exposes you to potentially dangerous mold spores. These spores are very light and can easily become airborne, making it easy to inhale them. Inhaling mold spores can lead to mold-related health effects.

SERVPRO technicians use gloves and protective clothing to minimize exposure to the skin. In areas with severe mold damage (particularly in the attic, crawlspace, or basement where humidity could be high and ventilation poor) or any situation where there is a toxic black mold, we use advanced protective equipment. These include full body coveralls and a full face P100 respirator.

The biggest problem with any type of mold damage is that they all involve spores that reproduce and spread easily to other areas. It is important to contain the mold growth to the source as best as possible, thus preventing it from spreading. As a general rule of thumb, SERVPRO employees wear new protective clothing before each day of work and discard used material after leaving the contaminated area. We also make a point of thoroughly washing or wiping off any tools used in the mold remediation before removing them from the area.

Keeping your home properly-ventilated is one of the most important steps in preventing mold growth and mold damage. Apart from controlling mold spores, it can help keep other indoor air pollutants (such as dust, pollen, carbon monoxide, asbestos, and radon) from accumulating and causing damage. Most houses today are more airtight than before, making it hard for outdoor air to penetrate inside. Ventilation can also help reduce indoor moisture, which is essential because moisture is an important factor in mold growth.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

If you have a mold damage situation, do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins. We are a locally based and operated business, making us uniquely positioned to respond quickly to your emergency. You can reach us anytime at (970) 493-6335.

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SERVPRO's High Power Solution to Fort Collins Water Removal Cases

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage SERVPRO's High Power Solution to Fort Collins Water Removal Cases Get standing water removed fast with SERVPRO. We respond quickly so the restoration process can begin after the property is dried out.

Our Technicians Have BOTH the Experience and the Equipment to Remediate Water Damage on Your Property

SERVPRO is among the leading providers of water removal services in both Fort Collins and around the country. Thousands of homeowners rely on us every year for a range of services and trust us to handle their homes with care. Individuals, corporate clients, and major insurance companies alike deal with us for our speed, reliability, and efficacy in removing excess water from a building. But how do we manage to get large volumes of water dried and removed so quickly?

The most important factor is our equipment. SERVPRO technicians are armed with a diverse array of tools and machines for water removal, all of which are designed for speed and strength even in an industrial setting.
If standing water needs removal from your Fort Collins home, water extraction machines are there to help. These high-powered pumps pull enormous volumes of water out of your home, stopping the devastating effects of standing water in their tracks. For most residential jobs, we use portable extractors, although we also have access to larger truck-mounted variants for when the going gets tough.

After this, we move to a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to pick up any excess moisture. Air movers create powerful air currents in your home, whisking up water droplets from floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture with ease. But that water cannot be allowed to remain airborne. Dehumidifiers solve this problem by using thermal or chemical solutions to pull water out of the air and into storage tanks. The result is a room that is clear of standing water, has no soaked surfaces or materials remaining, and is at optimal levels of humidity. Once the process is done, we can begin restoration work, repairing any damage caused by the water and getting your home back to the way it was before.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins is a local branch of a national company that provides professional, affordable, and skillful property damage restoration services. Call us 24/7 at (970) 493-6335.

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Fort Collins Commercial Water Damage - Mattress Store

9/25/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fort Collins Commercial Water Damage - Mattress Store SERVPRO Helps Keep Mattresses Dry and Stores Open in Fort Collins

SERVPRO Responds Immediately to Mitigate Damages Caused by Water to Businesses in the Fort Collins Area

Most water damage in business comes from failed plumbing, triggered sprinklers, and the water used by firefighters to extinguish a fire. Despite this being clean water (as opposed to the gray or black water from storm flooding), it should be removed as soon as the owner finds and can call a professional restoration service.
Mitigating and restoring the effects of water damage in a commercial building in Fort Collins depends on the type of business it houses. If the structure with one or two large display areas, like a mattress store, a SERVPRO restoration team may spend as much or more time drying out the property as we do on the structure itself. Not all mattress materials can be salvaged.
If there is no more water from coming into the structure, we lift items out of the standing water. It allows water to drain and moisture to begin evaporating out of the property. We use every rack and shelf available at the site but have an extensive inventory of our drying racks to use as well.
It is important our technicians start this quickly because the metal buttons and coils in a mattress or box spring can begin to rust in just a day or two. If they can do so safely, technicians also set up fans and air movers to speed up the drying process. Typically, these items are encased in plastic protective sheeting again moisture and debris, thus mitigating the effects of water exposure.
As we lift property out of the way, our restoration team also deploys pumps to remove the water inside the structure. These commercial grade machines can clear out most buildings in one or two days depending on the amount of water and the square footage to clear. If the building electricity is not accessible, we bring in our generators to provide continuous power until we are finished.
Once we remove the majority of the water, we set up dehumidifiers throughout the facility. These devices lower the humidity level to normal, which speeds up the drying process and lowers the chance of mold starting to expand and grow into another problem. Negative air pressure devices also hasten the moisture removal from large volume areas.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins understands that reopening a business is vital to the owners and their employees. They also need their inventory available as quickly as possible to keep those doors open. We are trained and equipped to help you every step of the way. For more info, call us today at (970) 493-6335.

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Five Service Categories That Guide SERVPRO From Start To Finish In Fort Collins

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Five Service Categories That Guide SERVPRO From Start To Finish In Fort Collins Loss from a fire means multiple challenges when it comes to cleaning and repair.

Five Service Categories

Loss from a fire means multiple challenges when it comes to cleaning and repair. The typical problems are odors and residues, but there is also the damage caused by the heat of the fire and the efforts of the fire department in outing it out (excess water and extinguishing chemicals).

To make sure we cover every fire damage challenge in a Fort Collins home, SERVPRO has developed five service categories that guide us from our initial arrival on a job site to when we drive that final nail into a wall or roof.

This first category directs our efforts to prevent further damage after the fire has been put out. We close off every entrance and exit to prevent animal or human trespassing and vandalism. If areas of the home are still wet from extinguishing the fire, we begin immediate drying procedures to prevent secondary damage from water.

This is where our technicians work to deodorize the building and remove residues left by the smoke. After a careful inspection, we determine what is cleanable, and if the amount of time and supplies needed to do exceeds replacement cost, we recommend that. It includes items such as drywall, framing, doors, and even windows. Insurance companies determine replacement costs, and we work closely with them to ensure the homeowner receives the most benefits possible.

In places where the home is not restorable, we have to repair and reconstruct. If the damage is beyond what our license allows us to fix, we may need to bring in a licensed general contractor at the OK of the homeowner.

Contents (Personal Property)
After many fires, we try to clean contents at home. Doing so lowers the cost of restoration and reduces the time needed. If the home is too damaged or cannot be secured, we pack-out everything that could be stolen or further damaged. We clean it at our facility and then place it in temporary storage until we complete Structural and Reconstruction.

This category covers electronics, dry-clean-only clothing, and high-value artwork. Property like these items requires special skills and tools that we do not maintain as part of our training or equipment inventories. To fully support the homeowner, we recommend a sub-contractor specialist.

By following these categories and our training guidelines, SERVPRO of Fort Collins can put you back into your home as soon as possible without compromising the safety of the structure or your family. Call today at (970) 493-6335 if you have a question or want to schedule a visit.

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Professional Mold Damage Remediation Services Available in Fort Collins

9/6/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Professional Mold Damage Remediation Services Available in Fort Collins Let the IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO remediate your mold damage properly and thoroughly.

Mold damage remediation requires experienced technicians and professional equipment 

Having mold damage in your Fort Collins home is bad enough, the unsightly appearance and smell that go along with it make your happy home look like more of a dump. We understand that you want to get things back to normal quickly and are here to help you do just that.

Once mold damage establishes itself in your Fort Collins area home, it can spread rapidly, taking as little as 24-hours to become a major problem that no one wants to deal with alone. Sure, it is entirely possible for you to tackle small amounts of mold growth, but do you know enough to handle things safely?

Some people spend their money testing mold to figure out which species invaded their home, when in fact any amount or type of mold can prove harmful if exposed for too long. So, avoid getting caught up in the hoopla revolving around testing mold found in your home, they hold no more than small entertainment value and are a waste of your money otherwise.

What you need to concentrate on, is that if you live in a contaminated environment for extended periods, a variety of health effects can develop. You want to get qualified help at the first signs of mold in your home, waiting just makes the problem worse. The professionals from SERVPRO are just a phone call away, making it possible to get quality results, quickly. 

In most cases, mold problems are impossible for homeowners to take care of on their own. The harder you try, the more your home becomes exposed. It requires professional mold remediation services from a company like SERVPRO to get a handle on things and return your home to normal. We have the experienced personnel, equipment, and resources available to take control of your problem fast.

SERVPRO technicians care about your environment and provide you with a full-service solution to mold problems you experience on your property. You can benefit from the advances in the methodology used to control mold found in your home; quality professionals are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Call SERVPRO of Fort Collins for access to IICRC-industry certified technicians, today. (970) 493-6335

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Biohazard Removal Services Available Throughout The Fort Collins Area

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Biohazard Biohazard Removal Services Available Throughout The Fort Collins Area For Bio Hazardous Cleanup in Fort Collins Trust SERVPRO

Trust the SERVPRO Technicians to Safely Abate Biohazardous Conditions

Biohazards can cause you a world of hurt, exposing you or the ones you love to a variety of airborne pathogens. When dealing with this type of incident in the Fort Collins area, you are not alone. You can find the help you need by locating a qualified bio-remedial specialist to handle the problem for you.

Never take unnecessary risks when performing bio hazard removal services on your Fort Collins area property. Serious consequences often follow exposure to a variety of biological and chemical contaminants while failure to remove dangerous substances can cause severe changes in your living environment.  

It takes a trained professional to safely clean and handle the removal of biohazardous substances from your property. Professionals from SERVPRO have technicians who understand how to dispose of these substances by OSHA standards, while also following local, state, and federal health regulations.
SERVPRO technicians have access to the appropriate personal safety equipment, safety apparatus, and cleaning products necessary to transform any unsafe area back into a clean, safe, environment. Whether your home or office becomes contaminated, you should take the proper steps to protect everyone involved from exposure.

A variety of incidents may occur that expose you to dangerous bio hazards including sewage backups, animal waste, animal deaths, and even hoarding scenes. Other events include suicide or unaccompanied death, homicide, and crime scene cleanup. Regardless of your situation, contacting a professional, like those offered by us at SERVPRO, provide you with the highest quality results while allowing you to refrain from putting yourself in harm's way.

We have experience in providing homeowners just like you with biohazard removal services of all kinds. We can help ensure that your structure is properly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized removing harmful contaminants from the entire area. Our services are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays. We provide you with qualified IICRC-industry certified professionals promptly, day or night.

Make the most of what is available to you and contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins immediately following exposure to bio hazard events on your property. We have the personnel, equipment, and resources to provide you with excellent services, anytime. Call today. (970) 493-6335

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The Right Way To Recovery From Water Damage In Your Fort Collins Area Home

8/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Right Way To Recovery From Water Damage In Your Fort Collins Area Home Having small patches of water damage in your ceiling can be a serious problem.

Recovery From Water Damage

Having small patches of water damage in your ceiling can be a serious problem. Regardless of the source, water is capable of causing severe damage, leading to potential health risks due to exposure, as well as the physical harm it may cause.

If you are currently experiencing water damage on your Fort Collins area property, find someone you trust to perform restoration services. The right company pays close attention to detail, provides hassle-free scheduling, and gives you access to an honest, hardworking restoration team.

Ceiling water damage may occur due to a leaky roof, poor installation of roofing materials, a broken appliance in your attic, or even plumbing issues. SERVPRO provides you with expertly trained technicians and industrial-grade equipment necessary to locate and repair potential problems surrounding water damage in your home. We have access to valuable resources, IICRC certified technicians, infrared moisture detectors, hygrometers, dehumidifiers, air movers, and water extractors of all shapes and sizes that help locate hidden pockets of water. Our team of professionals can help you eliminate water problems in any area of your home.

SERVPRO inspects your entire roof for damage, looking for broken or missing shingles, cracked or missing flashing, loose bricks on your chimney, the bent metal around skylights, or even damaged venting. We even check your entire ventilation system including your A/C unit, condensation coil, drain lines, filter, and drain pan.

Some homes have water heaters installed in the attic, even though the most obvious place for installation is the lowest part of your home. Older homes require homeowners to maintain regular maintenance to watch for rust, leaks, and normal wear and tear on their water heater more diligently.

You may have problems with an overflowing upstairs toilet, leaky pipes, or broken appliances. SERVPRO can provide you with solutions to limit risks involved in ceiling water damage, prevention tips that make things easier. We perform regular home inspections, preventative maintenance, and restoration services for those experiencing disastrous events.

Contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins for fast, effective solutions to water damage issues found in your home, today. We are here to help, providing services that matter (970) 493-6335.

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Hoarding Help Fort Collins: Complete Cleanup In A Challenging Situation

7/27/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Hoarding Help Fort Collins: Complete Cleanup In A Challenging Situation Our full-service restoration company has the strategies and technicians to sort through even the most overwhelming stockpile.

Hoarding Cleanup

It is hard to know when or why it starts with the individual, but it is certain that dealing with the aftermath of years of hoarding is a battle with which friends and family really need help. Recovering a sense of order and baseline cleanliness in these extreme circumstances requires professional assistance, and SERVPRO offers comprehensive hoarding cleanup and biohazard management.

What may have started as an understandable set of collections has transformed over time into hoarding for a childless aunt and uncle. Cleanup of their Fort Collins home is clearly long past due, and their declining health is now pushing the issue. The work involved is beyond your expertise, and you have little time for such an overwhelming task. Now that they are on a list for assisted living you sought professional clean-out assistance. Our full-service restoration company has the strategies and technicians to sort through even the most overwhelming stockpile.

SERVPRO can inventory, sort, and pack items of value. Our cleaning technicians also gather articles that need disposal and arrange for proper disposition. As we work through the affected areas, you can count on our crew members to be respectful and compassionate. No judgments are forthcoming because our employees receive information on hoarding as a syndrome, understanding that it is a condition over which the hoarder has little or no control. If the individuals suffering from hoarding behaviors decide to remain at their home during the cleanup, have no fear. Our workers master sensitivity training before their first job, ensuring as much comfort as is possible for all.

The SERVPRO work crews prepare for the mitigation of hoarding scenarios through intensive education, including learning to identify hazardous contamination situations. Vermin, chemicals, spoiled food, and many more concerns arise, and our crew knows how to react to even the most severe biohazard contaminants uncovered during the job. Have confidence we are ready to handle anything presented during the job.

Concentrate on supporting your relative or friend at this difficult time and let SERVPRO of Fort Collins take care of the cleanup of a hoarding situation. Call (970) 493-6335 to arrange a compassionate yet constructive consultation.

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Answers To Storm Damage Throughout The Fort Collins Area

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Answers To Storm Damage Throughout The Fort Collins Area Never enter your Fort Collins home after storm damage occurs without the proper assistance.

Storm Damage

Living through a powerful storm can leave your family rattled, nervous, and cautiously optimistic about what they might expect to see upon returning home. While everyone may be anxious to see what they have left, their health is more important.

Never enter your Fort Collins home after storm damage occurs without the proper assistance. Keep your safety and the safety of your family foremost in your mind. Downed power lines, electrical, fire, water, and slip, trip, or fall hazards can make returning to your home risky. The possible dangers are limitless, making a qualified restoration specialist extremely valuable.

SERVPRO technicians assess your entire property, exposing hazards and pointing out areas most susceptible to costly damage. Your roof may have holes, split seams, missing shingles, cracked tiles, slate. Granules can collect in gutters and downspouts while dents in air vents, gutters, and flashing, often lead to leaks in your roof and ceiling.

Throughout the event, windows, and doors take damage from the wind and flying debris. SERVPRO checks for cracks, holes, broken panes and damage to frames. We board up broken entry points to eliminate possible intrusion, theft, or additional loss due to exposure. All of our technicians utilize a restore versus replace attitude when working on your property, mitigating losses, and providing our customers with the best possible results.

SERVPRO technicians inspect your entire home. We look for damage to siding, paint, bricks, and masonry surfaces while also reporting any damage found to everyone involved. Our staff helps you complete claim paperwork to help you get the most for your losses, offering improvements when possible and continually updating you on the progress of your restoration.

Most homeowners carry adequate insurance, covering the costs of your restoration entirely. There is absolutely no reason to attempt DIY repairs, in fact, you may make things worse and cause technicians to have a harder time if you take things on alone.

Contact SERVPRO of Fort Collins for access to IICRC certified technicians with several years of experience, industrial-grade equipment, and vast resources at their command, call today (970) 493-6335.

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Biohazard Cleanup Services For Your Shipping Warehouse In The Fort Collins Area

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Biohazard Cleanup Services For Your Shipping Warehouse In The Fort Collins Area SERVPRO Helps Fort Collins Enterprises with Biohazardous Cleanups

SERVPRO Is Always Ready 24/7 for Biohazardous Cleanups

You may run a secure shipping facility that provides your workers with quality conditions and a safe working environment. However, accidents happen all of the time posing serious threats to warehouse operations and those that work for you.   
Exposure to bloodborne pathogens, viruses, toxins, and a variety of chemicals can lead to health risks that make professional biohazard cleanup services in Fort Collins necessary. We can help keep your business safe and healthy, avoiding dangerous situations that lead to hidden problems.  
When evaluating a bio-remediation provider, like SERVPRO, it can be hard to determine whether the company has the proper qualifications to address your immediate situation. With that in mind, we find it necessary to express some standard guidelines that any company you choose to use should follow.
OSHA provides remediation companies with regulations that were designed to protect everyone involved from injury and potential liability. The EPA, along with state and federal regulations specify how companies should transport and store medical waste, which makes it necessary for any business performing these services to comply.
Many of SERVPRO’s field technicians and supervisors obtain training concerning Asbestos Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Heat Illness, Lift Safety, Lock Out – Tag Out, Personal Protective Equipment, and Power Tool Safety before performing any services on your property. We also follow all state and federal regulations concerning cleaning agents and the disposal of contaminated materials.
A reputable company can explain their cleanup process in detail, including photos, and take the time to communicate findings to your insurance adjuster that help warrant costs associated with your claim. Using the correct bio-remediation equipment allows technicians to locate and contain volatile non-visible contaminants, disinfecting the entire affected area, safely.
SERVPRO goes above and beyond, showing compassion and understanding during extremely traumatic events. Our onsite supervisors handle communications, eliminating confusion or conflicting updates, and always attempt to make your bio-remediation process as painless as possible.
SERVPRO of Fort Collins provides you with professional technicians who follow strict safety standards and cleanup procedures. Never hesitate to give us a call, get the services you deserve, today. (970) 493-6335

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