Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Damage - Fort Collins Home

Mold damage to this Fort Collins home developed when a pipe inside the wall developed a leak. Moisture was gradually deposited onto the interior wall and ultima... READ MORE

Water Damage - Fort Collins Home

Water damage to the living room wall of this Fort Collins home was due to the water heater on the opposite side of the wall giving way and depositing its entire... READ MORE

Basement Fire & Smoke Problem in Fort Collins

When basement air quality is low due to poor circulation and a build-up of gaseous chemicals from stored products, the result can be a charring of the first-flo... READ MORE

Water Damage – Fort Collins Apartment

Water damage occurred at this Fort Collins apartment unit when the cold water supply line under the sink split open and deposited a large volume of water into t... READ MORE

Vacant Fort Collins Property Sustains Severe Mold Damage

The Before Photo says it all concerning how extensive mold damage appears. The blotched walls and ceilings have been deeply penetrated by many mold colony hypha... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Fort Collins

Commercial water damage occurred at this Fort Collins conference center when the main water line to the fire suppressant sprinkler system ruptured. The before p... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire and a Big Mess in Fort Collins

Kitchen fires often occur every day or quite often, in many homes throughout the Fort Collins area. Some are minor while others like the one depicted in the Bef... READ MORE

Storm Damage Cleanup In Fort Collins

Restoring and repairing storm-damaged properties is the cornerstone of SERVPRO's business. Our technicians are highly trained and certified. They use specialize... READ MORE

Leaking Pipe and Water Damage in Fort Collins

Uncontained water from failed plumbing can cause all sorts of havoc to a residential property in Fort Collins. This newly laid laminate flooring was soaked and ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Denver Storage Facility

The electrical fire resulted in severe fire damage to this Denver commercial property. The cleanup and partial demolition of the charred and fire damaged buildi... READ MORE